Saturday, 30 March 2013

First test post {and some easter coloring}

Because I'm a sucker for colors and I love coloring (pretty much everything) including easter eggs As a simple test post and to see how I like my layout, here we go with some easter coloring. I think this will never get boring, dipping eggs into color and not just dying the eggs but your fingers, the table...and your clothes (I didn't plan that one!).
Fun coloring to y'all!!

I tried to wrap some rubber bands around the eggs...but they were too hot.
That did work though...but I was mainly admiring my nail polish here. Duh!
Freckled eggs.
I had help by my cousin. At the end he was more patient than I was.
The only rubber-band-egg that actually happened
I did mention he was more patient than me, didn't I. Little artist!
Happy colorful easter :)