As much as I love to be in the kitchen, I love to be creative. Sometimes I wish I was a real genius in that ONE thing...instead I just keep hopping from one thing to the other. But it is for sure relaxing and fun so I guess I'm fine. Maybe you find some inspiration here...

      Bracelets                              Slimy fun for kids and me                   Little washi-tape-box

 Egg sewing kit                               Shoe makeover                              Bottled craft kit

Calendar/adress book                          Retro styled lamp                        Photo envelope clutch

Instagram bookmark                        Terrarium in a jar                                  Clothes pins bag

Pillow cover                               shoe makeover III                                 Memory quilt

          DIY phone case #1                                 #2 (Peonies)                          #3 (abstract patterns)                                        

        #4 (doilies)                              just as an inspiration      #6 (because really?! you can never have too many ;)

         Things to do with beads                     #7 (abstract stripes)

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