Tuesday, 29 October 2013


We're reporting live from the battlefield. So far, there have been sightings of several sneaky chocolate-attack-stations! (Which are starting to lead to a slight sickness among our soldiers).
It is to be feared that we also might loose a second green-ally in the process. The spread of the brown disease is ongoing (unstoppable, if we have to be honest here!).
And the "puckering brow" is in position as a constant concomitant.
That's it for news. We're reporting back after we, hopefully successful, fought and defeated "accounting"!

A random rant about nothing in special

Sometimes it happens that you get this great urge to write something and than, sitting in front of your laptop, you realise, that actually there isn't really that much too write about. I mean, I could report that I already managed to kill my first plant post-moving (The forward-thinking person I am, I bought enough plants so it won't really matter), or that I accomplished the great skill of counting to 20 (vinte) in Portuguese, or that I feel like running right now but, I guess there is no real point in telling you this. So I won't. (Ha! I totally tricked you didn't I?!).

Anyway, before this gets more embarrassing than it actually already is (and I still need to do quite a lot of learning tonight, so I really shouldn't be writing here) I'll confess another embarrassing thing:
Sunday, I turned a supposed-to-be-quick bike ride into a 14 hm one, because I got lost in the woods. Duh!
I found my wait out again, though (and that without google maps!), so admitting this might actually be only semi-embarrassing.

And with that, I'll leave you with the pictures of my great bike ride and dive head-first back into my economic studies.

Oh and one of my friends got engaged!! I'm so so so happy for them!
...Though it also made me think about the fact, that three of my friends got engaged or married during the last year, and two got pregnant. Which makes me think: What does this tell me?

...random endings. And Congrats again to the two of them! :) Yay!

Monday, 28 October 2013

A quick chicken salad

It's Monday, the sun is shining and I just spent three hours at university excitingly looking forward to another four. Just kidding.
Well. The sun is actually shining, and I did have three hours of courses but only the 1 1/2 first ones were good (Portuguese), the others 1 1/2 hours were spent, cramped in a small room, with an amount of people, double than what would actually be allowed (well, that would fit) in there, listening to things that just wouldn't start to make sense. Grr.
Oh yeah, and there are another four hours waiting for me. But you'll have to cross the "excitingly" out of the sentence. (For everyone who starts being worried here, don't take me too seriously right now, it's the aftermath of my last class....).
So with all of that heavy stuff going on, I thought it was the perfect time to share this salad with you.

Doesn't it look amazing?
I have to admit that I made that salad like...4(?) month ago and just never shared it. But it was too good to just get deleted. So here you go.
If you want to eat something like this, you should throw together on a plate:

  • cut salad leaves (romaine)
  • 1/4 cut cucumber
  • 1 handful cherry tomatoes
  • 3-4 little pieces of cooked chicken breast (we used already prepared ones. Makes it so much easier!)
  • cress
  • and a bit of sweet balsamic vinegar
And that's it. Done in about two minutes and so so yummy!
I'll be off to have a further look into my study books and to mentally prepare (aka pack chocolate and fruits for the coming hours. Ha!) myself for the next four hours.

Oh! I finished the first season (I know, I know. I'm way behind!) of Game Of Thrones! So addicted now and I can't wait for the next one!
Obrigada e até logo.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New paths {and an end-of-the-world impression}

Bem-vindos! Just a quick update from me (I know it's ridiculous to start learning in the second week in your studies, but since everything is new to me (haha I'm an business economics newbie!) I feel, if I don't start now, I'll never see the end of it. Sight).
Anyways, may I introduce: My new running path!

Our dorm is situated super close to university (obviously) but also super close to the woods (which is simply amazing!). And while wandering, I found my perfect new running path! Tschaka!

You'll start in this little 'orchard'. The forest starts pretty much right behind our dorm complex. Hey there!
You'll jog the first bit  along a little canal, than over it and...
...into the woods. Beautiful, with dozens of little paths. And depending on the weather it is either bright and colourful (the leaves are at their peak of being golden and shiny right now!) or gloomy and mysterious. Ha!
And from time to time you'll have to pass another (or the same!?) little river.
The path has a little loop at the end and you run back pretty much the same way you came.Also, 7.7 km it  has a great length (enough to walk a bit before and after, and jog/run in between).
I'm happy to welcome this one in my row of running paths :D
This summer

Oh and a bit unrelated, but who really cares!? We had the most odd light this morning I've seen in a long time. Made up for a pretty good world-is-ending-soon-mood!!
Look at this!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wandering around the city

My posts seem to become this dump-all-my-pictures-in-the-least-complicated-way into this slot where I'm supposed to type things, label it with a post title, and dada! We have a post. Haha.

I do apologise. But on the other hand, less fighting-your-way through my tumbled thoughts and more pictures might not be that bad for a change, isn't it?! ;)
I've been in the city a couple of times during the last week, and because the sun was shining, I kept on taking random snapshots from here and there.

White Chucks and neon tops
This makes me want to remember my art finally...I should be able to name all the styles and techniques, used here...I should....
This just looked so...homely
Love green
Walking with heals in Augsburg is no fun! Trust me.
And more cute pots and greens

So this is more from "inside" the city. As you can see, the train/tram in serious business here!
And so many beautiful little churches
Down this little street
Bright autumn colours
Beautiful balconies

And that was where I was sitting, sketching the people around me and the buildings :)
Along with an iced coffee. And now, please take a seat and hold on to something because what I'm going to tell you is quite...shocking: Augsburg does NOT have a Starbucks. None. Niente. Zero!
(I know...I still can't believe it either.....)

And last Friday (r I think it was Stauruday actually), I went all the way through this cool tunnel, to...
...spent an awesome evening with friends. Cooking, chatting and discussing life. Thanks so much again for having me ;) ♥

And now I'm off to practise my basic Yoga poses. We'll hope this will help digesting all newly learnt stuff. Obrigada!

P.S.: On a different note: I deleted my iTunes again (I know. Who does this? Trust me, it more or less deleted itself! Really!) And now I can't seem to be able to upload it again?!?! HELP!

Monday, 21 October 2013

And yet again, another mobile phone case DIY

I'm beaten up by a full day of university (my head is throbbing like crazy!) so I think we're in need of an easy peasy craft-project post (before I'll head into all the other things from last week...and recover from all this input from today, that is).

Yay for easy and fast DIY's! I feel like it's been far too long that I actually did something, but than again, my room was like this huge DIY for me (over the last two weeks), and I did a couple of things...I just didn't post them yet, which kind of makes me forget about them....anyway. Back to the topic!

Just last week, I received this picture message from a friend of mine. Her new phone case:

And while I'm actually in love with my simple and black mobile case right now, this just got too cute! (Remember how I have this cute-design-obsession going on?! Yeah, right!).
So, while my phone is still not the best to have, if you want to buy all those cute phone cases, it certainly does support creativity in its own way.
I grabbed one of my many simple white phone cases, which I had purchased last spring (like 6 or 7 at once. Yeah I'm weird like that) and a black sharpie and started doodling, using one of my doilies as a template.

I finished with a coat of nail polish at the bottom.
Also, after everything had dried nicely and I had applied the case to my phone and had shot the first pictures, I noticed that somehow the sharpie wasn't staying a 100% perfect. It started to rub and get blurry where I touched it too much. Applying clear nail polish didn't work (apparently this just totally dissolves the sharpie colour), so I cut out some transparent book foil I had lying around. It is a simple one-side-sticky foil, nothing fancy. And I only applied it over the sharpie-painted parts. This really worked out well. So far, my phone is keeping me company (and with that is included: a lot of tossing, throwing and being shoved into bags several times a day).

So grab your next plain phone case and a sharpie, and start doodling ;)

I tried to take a picture of the foil. If you look closely, you'll see some of the lines in this picture.
Have fun! :)