Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My last post from 'home'

Silence due to this:

Wow it looks like my room vomited its content out into the middle of itself (please excuse my language). Packing and living at home for the last couple of weeks was super weird and I found myself in a rappid changing up and down mood most of the time. So I'm more than happy that it will all be over this Friday.
It's more than strange to be packing everything, throwing away some more stuff and realising that, when everything is going after my 'big plan' I'll probably be throwing away a lot of more stuff in the future...and that there are going to be even bigger moves. Wuha. So, two more days of final packing stuff, organising papers, seeing people for the last time and I'll be back when I'm done with my move ;) Wish me luck!

Oh, and we also went to IKEA. No moving without several one visit to IKEA!!!

Somehow, we look like we're 12 in this picture. Haha, I should remember how we did this in 20 years.
And a cool view while having our salmon lasagna for lunch :)
Two more times waking up to my current view...and than it will be done. Ready to move on!

And it's if she knew it, someone is super clingy and cuddly right now:


  1. Ach das Kätzchen *_____*
    Ich wünsch dir viel Glück,Spaß und Erfolg und alles was du sonst noch so brauchst!!! <3

  2. das süßeste kätzchen der ganzen welt!!! ich drücke dir ganz dolle die daumen für deine umzug
    lg eli :-) :-) ;-)

  3. Ganz ganz lieben Dank für eure Kommentare :)