Friday, 11 October 2013

More tidbits out of the new life {it's still raining though}

I absolutely love mornings. Especially, when I can resist the temptation of reading a book while having my breakfast. Those morning always turn out to be the calmest and also the most...satisfying. You can simply marvel about all the stuff that bugs you, you can order the things in your head which need to be done today, you can just let go...of everything. While munching your delicious breakfast. Awesome, isn't it?!

That's my view while having my breakfast by the way. I hope those leaves will just never fall down...
Otherwise I'll probably be starting to learn Portuguese! I was oping to get my french flowing again (seriously. My "french" right now sounds something like "Would you mind opening la fenetre s'il vous plait?!". Yeah right. I don't think I could really talk like this...) but with all the rules and regulations for my major, it just didn't work.

I started doodling again last weekend. I do love all those flowery tattoo patterns.
I might not have bought an actual phone but I bought one "headset" that looks like a phone and now I won't have to hold my actual mobile phone to my ear all the time. With the official reason that my mobile phone isn't able to do as much damaged to my brain this way (and the unofficial one that I simply always wanted to have one of those retro cord phones. Ha!) (haha and now try to write two sentences that inculde the words phone and mobile as often as I just did ^^')
I found out that they have my favourite Haribo flavours in smaller bags! YAY! Oh and the right one is simply awesome. (and also helps a lot of you have a sore throat!)
By the way, the weather still hasn't improved. I haven't seen the sun since Friday last week. And here comes the weird part, somewhere way back in time when I was a young girl and reading twilight (cough) I had always secretly wished to live in one of those gloomy awesome places where the sun would rarely shine and there would be this constant drizzle of light rain. I guess this is only fun if you have a) a car, b) you live in the northern peninsula and things are actually huge and awesome and green and mossy and c) you have a vampire as a friend. Well, since none of this applies to me, the weather could simply just get better now!

This might have taken ma whole coffee consumption to a new level but who really cares. And it tastes AMAZING! I love flavoured coffees but normally I find the ones in the coffee shops too strong. For me, they don't taste like coffee anymore but some chemical too sweet something broth. This however is really good. I add half a teaspoon of the peppermint(!) cocoa powder to my normal coffee and it tastes perfectly balanced coffee-peppermint-chocolate-ish ♥
Have a wonderful Friday :)

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