Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wandering around the city

My posts seem to become this dump-all-my-pictures-in-the-least-complicated-way into this slot where I'm supposed to type things, label it with a post title, and dada! We have a post. Haha.

I do apologise. But on the other hand, less fighting-your-way through my tumbled thoughts and more pictures might not be that bad for a change, isn't it?! ;)
I've been in the city a couple of times during the last week, and because the sun was shining, I kept on taking random snapshots from here and there.

White Chucks and neon tops
This makes me want to remember my art finally...I should be able to name all the styles and techniques, used here...I should....
This just looked so...homely
Love green
Walking with heals in Augsburg is no fun! Trust me.
And more cute pots and greens

So this is more from "inside" the city. As you can see, the train/tram in serious business here!
And so many beautiful little churches
Down this little street
Bright autumn colours
Beautiful balconies

And that was where I was sitting, sketching the people around me and the buildings :)
Along with an iced coffee. And now, please take a seat and hold on to something because what I'm going to tell you is quite...shocking: Augsburg does NOT have a Starbucks. None. Niente. Zero!
(I know...I still can't believe it either.....)

And last Friday (r I think it was Stauruday actually), I went all the way through this cool tunnel, to...
...spent an awesome evening with friends. Cooking, chatting and discussing life. Thanks so much again for having me ;) ♥

And now I'm off to practise my basic Yoga poses. We'll hope this will help digesting all newly learnt stuff. Obrigada!

P.S.: On a different note: I deleted my iTunes again (I know. Who does this? Trust me, it more or less deleted itself! Really!) And now I can't seem to be able to upload it again?!?! HELP!

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