Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Introducing a few changes and a first tour through my room

Some news and introductions to upcoming changes on this blog!

So, I've been blogging for...two years now (Wuhu! I wouldn't have thought that) and my blog has changed quite a bit over time (not to mention that I got a totally new one at the beginning of this year. OutOfPeonies still exists though. Passively.) and doing something for that long leaves you with quite a lot of time to think about it. And with that, I was thinking about the style of my posts, about content and...about time. And effort. And work.
Blogging is time consuming. No doubt here. And a lot of people have come to me in my busiest times and asked why I was still doing it. For one thing, I love writing. I love the sound of the key pad, love how I can write down everything that bugs me and get rid of it that way (you'd be surprised by how many unpublished drafts lie in the depth of my blogger account...). Furthermore it is an unique way for me to actually do something with all the pictures I take (Yeah, quite annoying for all of you ;P). And last but not least, it helps me to focus. Even though my blog does have my personal note, and tidbits out of my personal life sneak in from time to time, I try to keep it as "public suitable" as possible. And that means, focusing on positive things while you might be down. Keeping your head up when you're tempted to let yourself get buried somewhere. And also to focus on things, which life teaches me. Somehow, my blog taught me awareness.

But we keep drifting away. What I actually wanted to say, with my now, upcoming start of university, I figured I'd have to sort out my priorities anew. And with that, I'm planning a few changes on my blog.
Ok let's be honest, those changes mainly happen, so that I can sneak away with the minimum amount of responsibility for content and numbers of blog posts. Duh! But, I do want to make a few changes!

First of all, we'll open a new section "A student's life in the kitchen" (Soon. I'm working on it). You'll find tips (I intend to discover), tweaks and easy student-adapted recipes. The main recipe section will live on (because honestly, sometimes it just needs to be fancy) but we'll keep it close to real life.
Also, I am not an experienced cook. Everything I do is, throw together stuff and hope the outcome is going to be edible. But I do want to improve, and with that, I want to challenge myself, try new ingredients, learn more about the background of certain things and get to know the spice section better, this means: I'll be blogging a lot about recipes, which I tried but, which are not my own! The focus will simply lie on: Tasty, manageable and student approved ;)
Otherwise, we might find that the fabulous life of a student (cough) will be featured more than once in the upcoming posts. We'll see how that turns out. And all in all...I officially am a student. Things will become more flexible and, probably, even more messy. (Enriching you and the surrounding world with my tiny and even weirder stories. Ha!).

Just so you're warned.

That was a long introduction. Thanks for bearing with me! Back to the really important stuff ;)
I broke the one week mark on Saturday (I don't really count Friday, since it was my moving day) and I'm kind of surprised how it feels already so much longer and sometimes, just like a week.
But I'm happy with the move anyway. And, even though it won't stay like that (and it's not really finished yet) here are a few first peaks of my room ;) (The rest of the flat will follow eventually...as soon as it is presentable).

First of all, this might be uninteresting, but I was totally fascinated by how it all changed! I mean, look at this!
The stage of the biggest mess :D

Pretty awesome I think! Anyway, that's what the rest looks by now:
Somehow something didn't work out quite well with my camera settings here. This little monster on my bed is glowing like it's a glow stick...
By the way. That quote is from 'Juno'. Weird, but I guess it's pretty me.
I took that picture on my last trip back to Van this summer. Love it. 
All my favourite and most used backs. And all have a little story behind them.
My memory quilt. So looking forward to make another one in a couple of years. 
And that's left and right from my door.
Since my wall is made out of concrete, getting holes into it is pretty hard (aka: Impossible for me). Instead I used little plastic hooks which I applied with sticky pads. They are supposed to be easily removable and they hold up to 5kg. Works well for me.
And that's about it. A lot is still in work, but it starts to feel like home. Thanks for taking a look ;)

Btw, the drilling next door is still going on. Seriously? That someone is probably drilling his/her way into my apartment!

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  1. Wenn ich mir diese Bilder so betrachte kann ich gar nicht anders und muss an meinen bevorstehenden Umzug denken ;)
    Einen sehr sehr schönen Raum hast du da, hell und freundlich, das passt sehr gut zu dir :)
    Und um die ganzen Bioläden beneide ich dich ganz furchtbar XD

    Ich mag Bayern ja sehr, habe da bis jetzt immer nur nette Menschen getroffen! Viel Erfolg beim Studieren, und auf die Rezepte bin ich auch schon gespannt! :D

    Liebe Grüße, Maya