Sunday, 25 May 2014

A one-woman-pizza {totally adaptable to the other gender as well ;) }

I love love love pizza. But, normally, living by myself, I can't really be bothered to start on the whole pizza making thing. So far, I had only made pizza for two or more, so the quantities would get used or I would freeze half of it. Now, I was one person and our (my roommate's and mine. She simply isn't here too often....just in case you were wondering about the 'our' ;P) anyways, our tiny freezer was preoccupied holding all the ice cream I normally feel like eating so freezing wasn't really an option. And also, this whole pizza business....I wanted something light!!

So, this is what I came up with. And it's amazing!!!!

This recipe is easy whipped up, perfect if you need to do other things besides cooking, it's healthy, crunchy, gooey,'s perfect ;)

So what will you need? Start with making the dough:
Mix together in a small bowl:

  • 2 1/2 Tblsp hot water
  • dried yeast (until the surface of the water in your bowl is covered. I think it was about 1/3 of an average package)
  • ~3 Tblsp whole wheat flour
  • 1 Tblsp corn flour (polenta)
  • 1/2 Teasp sugar
  • 1/2 Teasp Tahini
  • a small sip olive oil
Knead  it all together and let it sit for 1/2 hour (I used the time for studying).
Roll your dough onto corn flour sprinkled baking paper and transfer it to the oven for 10 minutes at 170°C (Hot air).

Meanwhile, fry with some olive oil: Whatever veggies you have on hand! I used 1/3 broccoli and ~8 cherry tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and curry.

By now, your 10 minutes should be done.
Take your slightly baked pizza and....
Assemble the fried veggies on top of a hummus base!
Add another two slices of cheese and pop the whole thing back into the oven for another 8 minutes (or until cheese golden).
After those 8 minutes I also added 1/2 an avocado....and some spicy tomato sauce...but that might just be me ;)

And that's it! It really is easy once you get past that scary thought that this sounds like a lot of stuff to do! And it definitely made a better dinner than just bread (again). Enjoy!! ;)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hello Monday!

Hey there! I'm alive, breathing and keeping on doing things and of course I cook (mainly though to stay alive) and of course(!) I keep taking pictures...though we might still be lacking a lot of that really amazing good called time. Anyone, any tips one where to purchase more of it?
So here we simply go with a couple of small picture updates ;)

My bracelet collection has changed a bit over the last month. But it's growing again. New life chapters, new bracelets!
What our kitchen walls look like...
I made myself a necklace, which I had found on pinterest but which I hadn't the money to buy it. It turned out pretty well. Though to be honest, this picture is probably more about my hair, which looked awesome for once, and my sports-bra/top, which I love
I also made myself another bracelet. Just random
It might make my room a bit 'messier' but I love to put up all those pictures...especially right next to my desk
I attempted a one-woman-pizza yesterday and it was amazing!!! I'll share the recipe soon
I do have a lot of stuff on my walls...constantly changing
My friend and I discovered the probably world-tiniest tic tac box ever. And it had to take a picture. Seriously, who wouldn't have?!
Also, to casually include the weather into this update, we had our first really nice day for weeks!! yay

And that's about it. I just gave myself a wonderful pedicure (do you know that feet used to creep me out. I'm ok with them now) and doing it yourself is just way cheaper (sight). So now, I can happily report my toe nails are a wonderful piggy pink and also that the whole appearance down there is really smooth and nice smelling ;) (is this gross? I'm sorry).
With that I'm leaving to wish you all a good start into the week and I'll get back to studying some more, because really, who doesn't love some late-evening-studies ;)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Blueberry Banana Ice Cream

Oh sweet procrastination! But you know what's even weirder? When your real life stuff takes up so much time that there simply isn't any time left for the actual procrastination part. Which just happened to me this morning. Which just implies that I really need to sit down now and bury my head behind my books, which will happen immediately but not after I shared this quick recipe with you.

It is healthy, yummy, made in two minutes and the perfect interruption for any busy student, ...though if I think about it, its just really the perfect interruption for any living person...

..., anyways you will have to mix together inside a blender:

  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • ~1 cup frozen blueberries
  • ~1 large Tbsp no-fat Greek yogurt
  • ~100gr vanilla yogurt
Press the button and devour an amazingly tasty, smooth, silky and simply heavenly healthy ice cream while you keep on studying ;)

Sorry for the blurry phone me this stuff is yum!!!
(Though, to keep it real....I just had a snickers ice cream for lunch! Healthy obviously doesn't happen every day, even around here ;))

UPDATE: Add another 1 or 2 after eight's. Its taking the whole experience to a completely new level!!! ;)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hey there!

I haven't been on my blog for ages, I know! And to be a 100% honest, I was just hoping by having kind of an sentimental look at all that had happened and what I had wrote, when I suddenly stumbled upon a couple of comments! Like. Real life comments. Ok so, most of the time writing here feels a bit lonely. It is this, a bit, one sided kind of conversation I seem to have with myself. But when I saw those comments, I was seriously baffled. Seeing that someone actually goes through the things I write and....likes them? I know I shouldn't doubt myself as much as it sounds I do right now, but we are all humans right?! ;) This whole self-doubt-things seems to be quite a thing.

Anyways, so as to a few other requests of friends lately, I might just bring on a few updates on this small space of mine. And a little DIY-Inspiration for you at the end if you make it through this post ;)

Before this all gets too sunny, shiny and all kinds of emotional, let me just give a short burst of complaint:
SERIOUSLY? Who ever said that those uni years were the best of your life?! Seriously? I have no nada niente time and also seem to have a decreasing social life where I actually start to count a lunch conversation as a social activity! Like: "Give yourself a pad on the shoulder! You were social today!"-kind of. Gnhhh.

Ok. Back to an a bit more optimistic approached. What have you guys been missing out on?
The last pictures of my last post (so many lasts, whups!) show Augsburg in full now we have went on to achieve the rain forest state. Literally. It is rainy and grey most of the time and things just are green! But I'm really loving this. Before that though, we had some really amazing sunny and warm weather! (Open windows in the whole apartment kind of warm!)
Though....that's what my life has been like. No change what so ever....
Though I have to admit that studying at uni like this had its perks
Than, somewhere in the middle of this all, this cute girl came to visit me!!! Two years since the last time we saw each other. Talk of crazy facts!!! (This is us, btw, following our absolute, infinite and crazy love for everything printed...also known as books)
But, we do not just love books...we also both love to be creative, so I had no trouble at all to convince her that a lazy creative and talkative day was all we two needed. Also: I finished my tattoo extension design!!! Though, until the actual "due" day, the design will be kept a secret here on the Internet ;)
Of course, there was some sightseeing of our beautiful little city included...
And one crazy pizza night....can you see me and that pizza? I ate it all! Tschaka!
Also, I got a job again last month. So I'm back to being a waitress. This was me having a quick lunch in between courses and work
Guess who was hanging up stuff around campus ;)
I also got all my diaries, schedules, notebooks and what else there is I have been filling the last couple of years organised. Whozza! I really need to stop doing that or find a bigger apartment to fill them with one day. Though I also have to admit, it's fun to look at them. That was my week at Paris right after I graduated high school (Goofy girl)
To remind me why exactly I'm making my life extra stressful...
And that is one of our more crazy classes....can you tell. Great board work, really.
Btw, what was wrong back than, when math used to include numbers?! Not that I liked it much more, but honestly....this?
I also tried Yoga outdoors (which I loved), my hair is noticeably growing longer (well, noticeable to me), I died it again...darker and I started watching Grey's Anatomy which I Love (capital L love that is!) though I haven't given up my love for Game of Thrones either of course ;)
And that's it. We're nearly at the end, which brings us to a little idea I thought I might just share with you, since we are dumping all kind of news and updates here anyway. 
So, since I wasn't blogging so much lately, but I still had to keep a record of my food (and find an outlet of my crazy love of taking pictures of food), this is what happened:

A friend of mine gave me a little recipe book as a present, after a few little makeovers this is what we ended up with. And I'm loving it!

Mainly: I cut out and renamed a few sections I thought were unnecessary (like "meat"...which got changed to "mains"...btw note: "mains" can of course include things for meat. I'm simply pretty sure that I would have never filled a section with "meat"). I changed the cover and back by simply adding photos I had printed and applied them with masking tape.
And than I filled it (and am in the process of, for the next years) with recipes...and pictures, and scribbles and more masking tape of course ;)
What do you think? It is a bit like a portable food blog on paper!!

So that's me with a crazy amount of updates. Now I'm going to focus on my much neglected amount of uni-work and wish you all a wonderful start into the week!!

...oh and I'll try to be a bit more active around here, though we all know how much a students promise is worth these days ;P