Monday, 19 May 2014

Hello Monday!

Hey there! I'm alive, breathing and keeping on doing things and of course I cook (mainly though to stay alive) and of course(!) I keep taking pictures...though we might still be lacking a lot of that really amazing good called time. Anyone, any tips one where to purchase more of it?
So here we simply go with a couple of small picture updates ;)

My bracelet collection has changed a bit over the last month. But it's growing again. New life chapters, new bracelets!
What our kitchen walls look like...
I made myself a necklace, which I had found on pinterest but which I hadn't the money to buy it. It turned out pretty well. Though to be honest, this picture is probably more about my hair, which looked awesome for once, and my sports-bra/top, which I love
I also made myself another bracelet. Just random
It might make my room a bit 'messier' but I love to put up all those pictures...especially right next to my desk
I attempted a one-woman-pizza yesterday and it was amazing!!! I'll share the recipe soon
I do have a lot of stuff on my walls...constantly changing
My friend and I discovered the probably world-tiniest tic tac box ever. And it had to take a picture. Seriously, who wouldn't have?!
Also, to casually include the weather into this update, we had our first really nice day for weeks!! yay

And that's about it. I just gave myself a wonderful pedicure (do you know that feet used to creep me out. I'm ok with them now) and doing it yourself is just way cheaper (sight). So now, I can happily report my toe nails are a wonderful piggy pink and also that the whole appearance down there is really smooth and nice smelling ;) (is this gross? I'm sorry).
With that I'm leaving to wish you all a good start into the week and I'll get back to studying some more, because really, who doesn't love some late-evening-studies ;)

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