Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve {A last and quick DIY, because...well it's me}

So, it's nearly nearly New Years and I have to hurry because my amazing boyfriend is getting the food ready in the kitchen but this has to be done before the New Years starts! ;)

I'm normally in love with technology. Without my phone, I'd be lost. But when it comes to organising and scheduling my weeks it has to be paper for me.
I started with my calenders some when back 2010 (and I still have them all...I just need to figure out which box they're in...). Back then I used pre-made (aka: normal calenders) and just kept my cover self-designed (plus the whole, picture, tickets, bum wrappings and whatever you can think of that I put inside). But now, I guess since 2012 I'm making my own calenders. The plus: They are exactly how I need them AND: they are only for half a year. That's around the time when I need a change. So half-a-year-calenders it is.

I thought, since my new one starts on Monday, I'll post a quick DIY so you can grab a simple notebook just before that and make your own. It's easy! And so convenient and fun!!

You'll need:

  • notebook
  • pens to draw the dividers
  • masking tape (just because masking tape makes about everything better and cuter!!)
  • one empty envelope

As a first thing, I normally start with my weekly design:

Since I love to doodle and I'm totally addicted to my To-Do Lists, I leave one page empty for that and the other page for weekly appointments. You could go squares all along, or just bars...or bubbles. Whatever suits you best.

After that I add an empty envelope to the last page. It comes in really handy for collecting cards, stickers, post stamps etc.!

And I normally leave a few pages empty at the end for notes, scribbles, whatever. It's also where I keep all my lists. Bucket list, work-on-yourself list, budget list, 2016-list....I've got them all!!!

This half-a-years calender is way cuter then usual. I normally go for plain blank but I discovered this cute one at the Design Market we went to in October and just HAD to. The envelope is from there as well. Along with a lot of cute paper that still awaits its destiny!

The book is already filled with a few cute sketches and a year-overview. The rest will be filled by me ;)

My boyfriend just came jumping into my room carrying a sparkler. I guess its a hint that it's time for me to go ;)

Btw: That's the girl I bought all the stuff from:

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!

Sorry for any typos. I'm in a hurry ;P