Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Random in between {and also, I'm horrible at picking a title so feel free to choose your own}

Seriously. This title thing kills me. We could call it "A day well spent at IKEA" but that doesn't sound too appealing, does it? Or how about "Plant IKEA madness" but that wouldn't be accurate as well because there is also a pizza involved in my story (which isn't really a story anyway). So, as we can see here, you'll be better of choosing your own title ;)

This is, to be honest, just a tiny update for everyone who is reading my blog not for the amazing (cough) recipes but for actual small updates on my life, so if you count yourself to those people: Hey there! and here we go ;)

Spring has finally caught up with Augsburg too and even though you can't see it on this picture, we also have sun! And it's simply beautiful
Just two nights ago, our uni group went out for a dinner night we had postponed and postponed on. So the let's-get-to-know-each-other-better dinner date turned into a let's-celebrate-that-the-exams-are-over-and-the-semester-is-about-to-start dinner date. Which was just about fine for everyone, and if you have those'll be far from complaining anyway. They were HUGE but oh so amazingly good!!! (Did I say they were huge? Like gigantic!!!....ginormous!!!!!) Nomnomnom.
Yesterday then, we went to IKEA. Which is always a good idea just so you know. Though I always end up buying more than I actually planned. But since it was all just really responsible stuff (like cushions, and a bath mat, and a salad bowl...) I think my guilt is staying at a pretty non existing level ;)
This picture might be confusing for the rest of the world but it has some really deep meaning to us. So it needed to be shared ;) Don't even try to figure that out...
Oh, we also went plant shopping. Well, my friends went. Here you can compare their "rain forest" as it was called quickly...and well mine...little, tiny....non existing "rain forest"
Here I had to capture the deep and serious plant talks that were going on. At the end we decided on the plant which name we could actually pronounce. And that's me with my haul on my way back on the tram. I know, I might have a serious documenting-everything issue going on.
And if you stick around long until tomorrow, you'll get the recipe for this amazing green smoothie which actually turned out green for the first time in my life ! I'd say that's something to be celebrated right ;)
Have a beautiful day!