I spent half a year in Vancouver, BC Canada from August 2012 to January 2013. I love the city with it's character and atmosphere, with its closeness to the water and the mountains and even with its ongoing rain (I like the smell of rain!). It was the best half a year in my life, filled with many great experiences, inspiring people and a great inspiration for my life. I'm missing that place a lot. If you want, go back with me ;)

(The ones which are highlighted are my favorites)

And I guess it's probably better to leave with a sad face and remember an incredible time than to be happy to go home again because it wasn't as much fun, right? Right!


  1. I absolutey love your sunset pictures <3

    ...and I miss you :(

    1. aww thanks! I never really noticed I put so many sunset pictures in haha! I miss you too!! We should do something soon! ♥