Monday, 30 June 2014

A yellow smoothie {trying out the color palette}

Good weather immediately makes me go for smoothies, so that was what happened recently....recently as in three month ago. Jep this is how old this recipe is and this is how long I have been planning to blog about it....but than it never happened. So by now, the weather is rather grey and even going into the cold-ish areas but I'm still fine with posting a smoothie recipe....because really? For whoever loves smoothies as much as I do, weather doesn't really matter ;)
Back then, I was trying out the "colour approach". You know,  like how to dye your smoothies in every possible colour. (Well, it's fun isn't it....or is this just me?). Anyway, after I successfully accomplished my green smoothie, I went for yellow....and than changed my mind half way and went with pale pink. Whups. It still tasted extremely awesome!!! (Ok, and let's be honest. I didn't change my mind, the smoothie simply didn't turn out yellow....but let's just pretend I was changing my mind anyways :D)

Adapted from neverhomemaker's smoothie, you'll need (1 serving):
  • 2 mandarins
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 1 large handful frozen strawberries
  • vanilla soy yogurt and milk (as much as you want)
My mandarins were slightly sour but it gave the whole smoothie a surprisingly welcome freshness, and all in all, I'll keep this one in mind for whenever I really need an energy booster or something to wake me up! 

Happy smoothie making to you all :)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

What happened recently {in a nutshell}

Hey there! Blogging really isn't something continuous right now, but to my own defence, there have been a lot of major changes recently (and they are still happening) so I guess, that does need some time to digest. However, I thought an update was really necessary and also, with a huge trip coming up soon (which will mean a lot more blogging is going to happen) I might just get back to it already. (breath! I really need to work on my super long sentences. Well, anyways. Hi there ;) )

So let's talk a bit pictures! What happened so far?!
I've been keeping on taking pictures of my food (also...I bought new cushion covers)
I sew this cute bag and took picture of it in my friends grandparents garden

We also, since we obviously didn't go there to take picture of my bag, took a dip in the pool and had an awesome salad!!
I finally came around to make some city trips in Germany with a friend. We started close to my old hometown in Frankfurt....
...went to Heidelberg... Berlin...(where we discovered this beautiful Synagogue)...

(we also stood on the wall)
(and I found the hippest coffee-to-go-carrying-bike ever)
...over to Munich and Augsburg. This was the prettiest and coolest fountain I've seen in a long time.

And this kind of reminded me of Game of Thrones...oh right. We also finished the fourth episode and I found out that one of my younger brothers is watching it too. Who knew?! I'll have a lot to discuss with him from now on ;)
Back in Augsburg I had to catch up with all the news over a lot of coffee and ice cream...
Talking until the sun went down
Also....some mysterious gum artist is wandering around. We found this one in the city and another one at uni...
I changed my room (again) and sew a couple of new cushion covers. Thanks mum again for teaching me how to use a sewing machine all those years ago....and actually gifting me with my own last year ;) ♥
Also, with the upcoming exams....some studying is happening around here....though not really enough. We'll work on it ;)

There were a couple of selfie sessions after long and extended dance evenings 
I found my profession as a cat-whisperer :D (he is NOT dead!!!!)
And a friend and I made amazing pao de queijo!!
And talking about Brazilian things, I also purchased my first pair of havaianas!!!!! 
This was my this-is-a-fake-cheque-cheque from our grammar-investment-game. Seriously? Grammar games where you get fake cheques at the end are just never going to become lame :D
And just recently, (recently as in on Thursday) I went back to Berlin with a friend....

We found a super cute café....
'Katies Blue Cat'
And had brilliant Indian food!....But mainly: I got my tattoo extension!!!!!!!!! And I couldn't be happier with the location, my artist and the final product! :)
And that is pretty much all what happened recently in a nutshell ;)

The weather has been blasting hot but luckily cooled down a bit over the last two weeks (somehow I really don't like hot hot weather....), my younger brothers both graduated school (how did that happen?!) and I got my confirmation for Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that will be what I'm going to start writing about in about a month! 

That's that for now ;) I hope you are all doing well :) Hugs and greetings and you'll hear back from me soon :)