Monday, 30 June 2014

A yellow smoothie {trying out the color palette}

Good weather immediately makes me go for smoothies, so that was what happened recently....recently as in three month ago. Jep this is how old this recipe is and this is how long I have been planning to blog about it....but than it never happened. So by now, the weather is rather grey and even going into the cold-ish areas but I'm still fine with posting a smoothie recipe....because really? For whoever loves smoothies as much as I do, weather doesn't really matter ;)
Back then, I was trying out the "colour approach". You know,  like how to dye your smoothies in every possible colour. (Well, it's fun isn't it....or is this just me?). Anyway, after I successfully accomplished my green smoothie, I went for yellow....and than changed my mind half way and went with pale pink. Whups. It still tasted extremely awesome!!! (Ok, and let's be honest. I didn't change my mind, the smoothie simply didn't turn out yellow....but let's just pretend I was changing my mind anyways :D)

Adapted from neverhomemaker's smoothie, you'll need (1 serving):
  • 2 mandarins
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 1 large handful frozen strawberries
  • vanilla soy yogurt and milk (as much as you want)
My mandarins were slightly sour but it gave the whole smoothie a surprisingly welcome freshness, and all in all, I'll keep this one in mind for whenever I really need an energy booster or something to wake me up! 

Happy smoothie making to you all :)

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