Sunday, 20 October 2013

My week {a recap to get organized}

It's Sunday, quarter past three pm and even though I have a ginormous To-Do-List I'll sit down first and update this little space of mine.
Somehow, writing gives me the opportunity to order my thoughts and keep things organised (hence: Billion of notebooks and notes but oh well).
I have so many things waiting to be shared, posted, labelled, organised, learned...but I'll start with my last week first ;)

First of all we were off with far more beautiful weather than last week. Which is also taught me the good side of horrible weather: You learn to appreciate the few nice days ;) 
With my math course being horrible in it's timing (12:15-13:45, you're not hungry enough before and starving afterwards!) it, at least, left me with the possibility to snatch a few university-Mensa/cafeteria pictures. Though I have to admit they are more artistic than actually informative. Ups.
Yeah, the high value in the information of knowing how those pipes in the building look like...
...or the floor for that matter.
Or my shoes in the contrast/tension of diagonal step stripes. Haha bare with me.
Well, I guess this one is informative at least ;) Our eating area.
Talking of food. This ice cream reflects horribly on one of my little flaws: I'm a Huge (as in capital "h" Huge!) sucker for cute designs. Ok, it's not really that much of a surprise, but one would think that being able to reflect on it would make you be able to change it. Sadly, we're far off. So, the other day I walked out of the store finding myself faced with the fact that I just had bought strawberry ice cream. I hate strawberry ice cream (it's like the only flavour I don't eat). I couldn't even remember what I had payed for it because I was so mesmerised by the design! Luckily, the cheesecake flavour mainly overpowered the strawberry flavour.
(I really need to work on my cute-design-buying-pressure....)
On Wednesday I had a visit from my mum and one of my brothers who took it on them to drive the 4 1/2 hours. I rewarded them with a home cooked vegan chili (recipe soon). 
And, of course, I needed to use the opportunity of having a car to do my last moving-shopping. IKEA and I have a love/hate relationship by now (based on the money I left there...sight).
And we both agree on one point. There can't be a single IKEA visit without this certain purchase. Only for him it's a hot dog and for me the ice cream ;)
The rest of the week looked a lot like this! And that's what my day will start tomorrow morning bright and early :)
So I'm probably better off now, getting things organised and done for tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest-Sunday :)

Oh and we didn't have this for a long time!
Right now, listening to:

Cups - Hit Masters
Strawberry Bubblegum - Justin Timberlake
Hopeless Wandere - Mumford & Sons
The World We Live In - The Killers
Fix You - Coldplay
Michael X - Casper
Holes - Passengers
Hand On Heart - Olly Murs

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