Monday, 14 October 2013

Another first day

So. I did survive my first day of university. With the full experience of being thankful for a place on the floor next to the wall compared to standing for a full one and a half hours. Welcome college.
I might just crash into my bed now and report back tomorrow.
(Oh and someone stepped on my foot Saturday night. I was wearing flats and that person, to my own personal bad luck, was wearing those super high and super pointed (needle like) high heels. Ouch. It's still swollen and red. No actual point in telling you this, but I felt like I needed to share that bit of information with the world. In case someone saw me walking awkwardly over the campus you know).

And now can someone please go out there and tell my neighbour next door that, even though it is only 10 past 7, it is not appropriate to use the power drill and a hammer after a day of university!? Especially, after having it used every day during the last week! I mean, there is only so much wall space. Where is that someone still drilling holes into?!

...nope. Still drilling holes.

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