Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A random rant about nothing in special

Sometimes it happens that you get this great urge to write something and than, sitting in front of your laptop, you realise, that actually there isn't really that much too write about. I mean, I could report that I already managed to kill my first plant post-moving (The forward-thinking person I am, I bought enough plants so it won't really matter), or that I accomplished the great skill of counting to 20 (vinte) in Portuguese, or that I feel like running right now but, I guess there is no real point in telling you this. So I won't. (Ha! I totally tricked you didn't I?!).

Anyway, before this gets more embarrassing than it actually already is (and I still need to do quite a lot of learning tonight, so I really shouldn't be writing here) I'll confess another embarrassing thing:
Sunday, I turned a supposed-to-be-quick bike ride into a 14 hm one, because I got lost in the woods. Duh!
I found my wait out again, though (and that without google maps!), so admitting this might actually be only semi-embarrassing.

And with that, I'll leave you with the pictures of my great bike ride and dive head-first back into my economic studies.

Oh and one of my friends got engaged!! I'm so so so happy for them!
...Though it also made me think about the fact, that three of my friends got engaged or married during the last year, and two got pregnant. Which makes me think: What does this tell me?

...random endings. And Congrats again to the two of them! :) Yay!

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