Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New paths {and an end-of-the-world impression}

Bem-vindos! Just a quick update from me (I know it's ridiculous to start learning in the second week in your studies, but since everything is new to me (haha I'm an business economics newbie!) I feel, if I don't start now, I'll never see the end of it. Sight).
Anyways, may I introduce: My new running path!

Our dorm is situated super close to university (obviously) but also super close to the woods (which is simply amazing!). And while wandering, I found my perfect new running path! Tschaka!

You'll start in this little 'orchard'. The forest starts pretty much right behind our dorm complex. Hey there!
You'll jog the first bit  along a little canal, than over it and...
...into the woods. Beautiful, with dozens of little paths. And depending on the weather it is either bright and colourful (the leaves are at their peak of being golden and shiny right now!) or gloomy and mysterious. Ha!
And from time to time you'll have to pass another (or the same!?) little river.
The path has a little loop at the end and you run back pretty much the same way you came.Also, 7.7 km it  has a great length (enough to walk a bit before and after, and jog/run in between).
I'm happy to welcome this one in my row of running paths :D
This summer

Oh and a bit unrelated, but who really cares!? We had the most odd light this morning I've seen in a long time. Made up for a pretty good world-is-ending-soon-mood!!
Look at this!

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