Sunday, 7 July 2013

A little update {tiny little starter steps}

Not really interesting or important but this is probably the longest I ever went without posting a post since I started blogging!
So here we go. I'm sorry for all the silence here. You better believe, my life is so not silent right now.

Attentive blog readers (or just really good friend of mine) might have noticed that I went through a lot of applying recently. Included into all this applying was also one application for a teacher teaching course. And I was more than happy to find my acceptance in my email inbox one day last month.
With all of that, it is easy to say that, finally, this week this course started!
I was giddy. And scared. And excited. Nervous, unsure, many emotions! It was really hard to keep waiting for it to begin.

It was one tough week. Tough but fun. It's surprisingly hard to make the switch from being a student to actually thinking of myself as a teacher (Ok. We are probably far from being a real teacher. But! Do I have students? Yes! Are they learning something? Yes! Does this put me into a teacher/teaching position? Yes! So I guess...we made the transition! And just on the side...I just also included some nice CCQ-practise ;P). So with that being said, I'll leave you with some picture impressions of the rest of my week....(and won't mention that I just started to analyse where exactly the stress of this sentence lies, or the importance, or that right now I'm doing the phoneme analysis of 'exactly' and how I'd explain sentence structure and pronunciation to my better believe I woke up in the middle of the night, stressing out because I thought I had forgotten to give one last clear instruction and my students wouldn't be able to work right now. Talk of making it even more stressful for myself...jeez).

Somewhere at the beginning of this week I really needed something to boost me up in the morning. I made myself a smoothie. And: This week was the week of cherries. Love our backyard cherry tree!
Ascending the S-Bahn stairs...
I used my first-day-lunch-break to just lie down and stare into the brain wasn't really functioning anymore at that point.

Sadly...or should I say luckily? the weather changed on our third day in. I really don't mind some cooler temperatures with all the learning ahead!
Thursday girls evenings were changed to take place in the city this week. A little break in between. And sorry...that picture really didn't like being send, copied and copied again. Got all blurry.

And back to learning. My Easter bunny made it on my folder...though everyone says it looks more like a chipmunk...I probably shouldn't have eaten his ears first...
Half of my Saturday than was a off and I went out together with my dad. It felt like holidays. Love those mornings. Saturday afternoon was filled with going to my other job.

I really don't mind savoury breakfasts....
And I'm thinking about this flower/general design as a band tattoo on my arm...what do you think?!
Sunday was filled with a morning run, cleaning, organising and now I'll spent more quality time with all my papers (After I just spent one hour on my computer getting rid of something that made my computer collapse three times in a row. Yay...not!). I'm wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend ;)

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