Monday, 29 July 2013

DIY: A mobile case makeover once again

It has been my first day at work after the CELTA today and to be a 100% honest, I just felt really exhausted. But all the hugs, smiles, snuggles, "Johanniiiiiiiiii"s and sticky kisses made totally up for that. (Though we might or might not have broken the coffee least we would have if it wouldn't have been for our immense self-control!! Yeah I am proud of that fact. Though, 3 is still too much I guess...)

Anyway, I thought to start of light after the blogging break, I might share another mobile case makeover (again). This happened somewhere during the last four weeks (when I was actually supposed to write a lesson plan....probably. The chances for that were always quite high).

As usual, all you'll need:
  • A plain phone case
  • nailpolish
Easy peasy!
I went for simple lines and I loved to break the colour pattern with one single line of yellow.  And the most amazing fact: This phone case will match my nails about 75% at all times ;P
So get your nail polish out (or just drop by my place. I'll be happy to share) and get your creativity flowing!!
Design No.1 and No.2 are here.

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  1. Oh wie hübsch! Das muss ich auch mal ausprobieren <3