Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back {and that in two ways!}

Despite the lacking posts, I didn’t forget my blog (how could I!?) and it feels so good to finally sit in front of this key board again and just happily tip away, sort of ordering the past events in my head. (Yeah, I do abuse my blog for personal organisation things. Figure) It also quite improves the situation to look out on grouse mountain, the sea and Stanley park and feel a humid cool breeze blow around you while typing. Jep. I love this place.

Anyways. The two weeks of work after my CELTA flew by and as much as I enjoyed being back with the kids, I’m happy to have lunch's now, where I can actually eat and not just constantly repeat all my requests of “please don’t do this. Hitting each other with the fork really isn’t such a great idea”. Phew. (But all the cuddles, kisses and smiles make up for it. And really, could there be anything better than to know that you’re providing a space of comfort and help and reassurance to the kids? No!)

And now I find myself back in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever lived in. (Ever visited I might as well just add here). The first days were kind of a daze because things just kept jumping at me and I felt a bit like a smiling zombie, not really able to process everything. But it slowly made its way into my brain: I. Am. Really. Back. Jeez.
This definitely is a first for me. Coming back to a place I felt so at home at.
So here we go with a more or less random first day photo impression. Remember the smiling zombie? Hence, there really isn’t any sense or logic to the pictures ;)

I love airports. The vibe and the feeling of the excitement of so many people...oh and the light is always awesome :D
And that's where I found myself after 9 hours of flying around the world. Pretty awesome isn't it.
I also got treated to this really cute cupcake. Thank you Colleen!! ♥ And it was huge! (I should have taken a picture of the cupcake and me. Haha seriously, it was enough for two people to be full of cupcake)
Right after my arrival on Friday there was the Lululemon Half marathon which one of my friends ran. I do have the highest respect for people doing something like that. I could. never. ever. do this! The run was in the morning and there was one Yoga class and a concert after that in the evening. I really start loving Yoga. Maybe I should do that?
We had us? ;P
But I guess you can tell that we were definitely having fun!

Sunday's lunch was on Granville Island which I somehow missed to visit last year. Bummer. It's such a nice place! And the food at the market....I think I could just spent a whole weekend there admiring and eating the food (and this might actually really be true. Haha oh well)
Quiche and Pie for lunch. Yum.

And I got introduced to hockey. Which was really interesting to watch though I'm still stunned on how they manage to be that fast and secure on those Rollerblades! I don't even know how to stop when I'm just...well, rolling. Haha I might could learn something here.

The weather got a bit more cloudy by Monday but we're in Vancouver after all. So it' not really that much of a surprise.

Movie outdoor night on Tuesday. Dirty Dancing!

And a really nice and lazy day for me on Wednesday.
Hot Chai Lattes for my (a bit) sore throat
And I might just proudly add that I walked past all this and didn't buy a single thing!!! I'm a sucker for cute and colourful stationery.
And random pictures of curves and lines on my way home.
Otherwise, finally having time to calm down (haha I feel like I’m the most boring person alive right now. People constantly keep asking what I’m doing and the only answer they really can get is: Lying on a couch, sleeping, reading, eating. Sounds just perfect to me though!) I’m back to more self evaluations. I feel less secure with myself recently and more doubting my plans, being picky with my body and insecure of what people might think of me. So I might actually also use my three weeks here to just get some time to figure out a bit about myself. The last six month in my life just changed a lot and it might be that I’m not really keeping up with it? But just admitting this already makes me feel better. We don’t have to be perfect right?!

With that I’ll leave you for now but there are going to be more regular posts from now on. I really did miss my writing. Such a calming effect. Yeah. I’m weird.
So thanks for being so patient with me over the last 2 month!

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  1. hey cooles cup cake rezept!!!!!
    YUMMIIIIII muss auf jeden fall ausprobiert werden
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