Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Running thoughts

I would never describe myself as a runner. But I do certainly run from times to time. And what I like about it most is what running teaches me about life. Seriously. I guess if I would have to, I would describe myself as a problem runner. Each and every time my head gets too cramped up with things or my body feels like it has too much energy to cope with (which normally is quite correlated to too many thoughts) I go out and run until I can't do it anymore.
Firstly I'll be pondering about stuff while I run, than I'll be too occupied by actually keeping in running and forget about the stuff, but at the end all the tangled thoughts will be straitened out. The magic of running haha (ok I might be dramatic here).

What running also has taught me, that you can't go faster than you actually can. Even if you want to, and you might sprint for a short period, you'll have to take a longer break after that and you'll be just a bit more exhausted. At the end, your time and the distance you left behind will be the same as if you would just have kept on with your steady speed.
But...and that's the cool point. If you go slow and steady for a long time, you'll get faster eventually. So. Go by a pace that you can handle and don't overdo it.

So much to my deep thoughts on running. Haha. And here's my running round right now (with some stalking at the end ;P):

Traditional Vancouver weather
Stretching break in the middle
Stalking someone. Can you tell I'm not good at it?! :D

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