Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We're getting there {One last mess before we'll be back to organized}

Before I'm heading into our long weekend I wanted to wrap up on a few other things.
Somehow, and this will sounds really weird, I won't have really settled into a place until this place has its own special blend of coffee. See, I told you this was going to be weird.
But this morning, this place got its own blend of coffee (and I'm on my second already) so I guess I really arrived now.

Having said this, I feel save now to bombard you with a few more random pictures until will get things more organised up from tomorrow on ;)

Earlier last week I went shopping (of course I did. Screw those good resolutions, right?!) and I'm more than happy with what I bought. You might get to see more of the things when I'll post about the weekend.
I couldn't help but share this beautiful muesli I had with you. SO yum. And even after 5 years...I'm definitely not sick yet of my muesli's every morning. This one was: fresh cherries, dried cranberries, almonds, granola (some 5 grain almond granola. Not the healthiest one but it definitely is super yummy) and plain non fat yogurt. But my routine varies every day depending on what I have on hand.
I love the view from this place. So naturally, I keep capturing it at different times of the day.

We went for a really awesome dinner somewhere later last week. You got all your stuff fresh and had to grill it yourself on the barbecue. Along with delicious crispy, saucy, sticky rice and salad. Oh and as a desert we had deep fried cream cheese pockets with vanilla ice cream and a honey cinnamon sauce. I would die for that stuff! 
I also couldn't resist those sweet smelling papayas yesterday...as well as the chocolate. There were SO many flavours!!! I feel like I want to try them all...though that might actually get in the way of me wanting to hold my weight...uhoh.
Mix matching quite a lot right now...
I had half of it today ♥
And sometimes, and that's kind of unrelated to the rest of the post but it just came up, I'm so grateful for all the people who surround me and who remember me that, what really is important is what's on the inside and what of that we choose to project to our outside. Because we all have both. The boring, the ugly, the passive, the discouraged, the impatient. But to focus on the joy, the friendliness, the warmth, the patience, the trust.... and to appreciate oneself and each other, that's what really makes people beautiful.

Oh and I'm totally hooked to the instagram videos right now (well, I'm messing around with them I guess) here is a sneak peak in my morning ;)


  1. Meine Süße,
    das klingt alles wunderbar, ich freu mich so für dich - geniess die Zeit!!! Hilde

  2. Haha, ich habe das erste Bild als Vorschau gesehen und dachte:
    "Oh, heiratet sie jetzt und bleibt dort?" Das ist doch kein Hochzeitskleid, ODER? oO

    Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut. Wie gehen deine Planungen voran?
    Und: ist das letzte Bild ein "Balkon"? ..ich würde sterben...DX

    Viele liebe Grüße! :) Hanna

    1. Haha nein verheiratet bin ich noch nicht ;P Aber dableiben wäre schon cool gewesen. Ohje. Es ist echt so viel passiert....wir müssen uns dringend mal wieder updaten!

      Haha und ja...das ist der Balkon ;)

      Ganz ganz libe Grüße ich melde mich mal mit ner längeren Mail ;)