Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Time {and my more or, right now, less greater management with it}

With so much going on recently (not just recent recent, but just recently in general) I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my priorities, wishes and goals.
When you're an open minded and interested person, you'll might have come across the problem that the day actually only has 24 hours, there are 'only' 7 days a week and also, ones strength knows its boundaries. And lately I have come across all those limits quite often. So what to do. 

Just to sum, it up (we'll pretend I'm doing that for you, and not to get my cuddled mind organised) this is what I've been working on/ doing lately:

  1. Biggest and most important: I started university! And while a lot of people I know, seem to have quite an easy going life during courses, I somehow can't see the end of work I'm supposed to do right now. And we're only in the first couple of weeks. (But that might have something to do with what I chose to study).
  2. Secondly, I've been "working" on a lot of bucket list points recently. Those take time, but also make me extremely happy. I'm currently tackling:
  • Learn a martial art,
  • learn Portuguese,
  • try out yoga and
  • perfect (well, rather develop) my cooking skills (though that only feels like a half point)
     3.  I also have a little blog update/project I'm working on (which is quite time consuming...hence it 
          only gets done in really small baby steps. But were slowly getting there).
     4.  And there are a few more, but also more private, smaller projects going on besides all this (Oh less
          private so eventually interesting for you: The 30 day plank challenge!!! This is the link and you can
          see my progress at the top left side. So proud! Do it people!!).

I'm also trying to focus a bit more on a healthier life style and another one of my 2013-goals is to improve me general level of fitness. Yay for making the most of your time. Which, actually brings me back to my current problem. Time. 

And here's what I want to do about it.
It's actually quite simple. Along with all the thinking, a lot of thinking-about-myself /redefining my values has happened recently, and I'm embarrassed to admit, but I could do so much better on my time management. While I know that breaks are necessary, I often find myself not really getting started with things but rather idly wandering along with thousands of unnecessary side distractions (hi facebook!). Also, I'm tending to stay up later and later lately (haha) while I know, that this time isn't really spend productively nor is it spent to actually relax (and it makes it so much harder to wake up in the morning). It's more that I spent the time telling myself what I still should do while I know, I'm not going to do it. Aka: Pure stress and remorse. Aka: wasted time!! (Can you relate? It's so horrible!!).

Sooooooo. (deep deep breath!).
I want to be more focused on what I do. I want to sit down and DO the task I set myself beforehand! Easy as that. Also, less distracting and wasted time spent on social media! And also: An even closer look on my diet! Because what you eat has such a great impact on your energy and general feeling!

And most important of all (well, for me right now anyway): Don't hover over sad/depressing thoughts. Allow them their time, but also be able to let them move on! Otherwise this whole thing ends up being a vicious cycle. 

And with that, thanks for reading all my cuddled thoughts ;) I'll make sure to report back!
(Btw who was wondering about the pictures: Those were taken on my last bike tour through the woods behind our dorm. I starting to this place. Slowly, but we actually might get along!)

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