Monday, 16 September 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend was...lazy for the most parts. But full of the good kind of lazyness.
I dyed my hair darker (finally).
I went for a first walk in my new shoes
and a first run shortly after that.
I met good friends and talked a lot.
Catched up with other just as important people.
Still couldn't find an apartment.
Cleaned a bit.
And finished my book.
...oh and wrote more to-do lists for the coming week. The usual over here ;)

I simply love foggy walks. Listening to Mumford and Son's "Babel" album...

My new and darker hair. I'm relieved I like it this much. And now the spell is broken and will be able to dive head first into some color testing over the next months!
And someone was definitely happy to get back into her running. Running pre- and after-me.
With that I'll leave you with the promise to post about pizza recipes next. Have a relaxing start into your week! :)

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