Monday, 10 March 2014

Update {Life after the exams}

I finally get to sit down again and write. Our exams are finally finally over and by the look of it, it wasn't even as bad as I had feared. (yay). And the last two weeks have simply been amazing, having time again to do stuff I actually like and enjoy to do. So I spent tons of time, reading, eating, watching movies, being outdoors, spending time with friends. To sum it all up I thought I might just bombared you with bits and pieces from my last weeks. So much joy and fun and laughter :)

Right on the evening, when our last exam was written, we went for a girls-sushi-night out. I just had discovered the restaurant the week before (funny was, that my friend had went there the week before that one, without me knowing that it was the same one). However, we both loved it....and went there again that night ;)
And, of course, you need Ben&Jerry's for nights like that. We might be having a serious addiction going on around here...whupsa
Having some free time on my hands also meant I got to go shopping, obviously, only for sport stuff ;)
I also started sketching again. To the frustration of my mum, only in my schedule though. Haha, sorry mum ;)
And who knew we had such a beautiful local market?!....well now I know!
And we definitely ate good
Right after the exams, we had a few nasty days (Well, the exams were over and I finally had free time!! So the weather was bound to get worse). But luckily, it only lasted for two or three days. Still, a stunning scenery...
I finally finally got to sew again ♥
And we were back to really amazing food

To compensate all that eating that was going on, we also went hiking (ok, hiking sounds too hard core. It might just have been more like a comfortable stroll...but we'll just ignore that for now ;) ). This lake was stunning and reminded me a lot of our holidays in France
There were also a few really cute chapels...
But that lake was unbeatable...look at this color!!!
And more cute houses. We also devoured a really good ice cream here, but I was too much into it to take a picture of it before it was gone (that were quite a lot of "it's"!...oh well. Let's move on)
We are all a bit hestitant to actually start believing it, but it seems as if spring has started early this year...
And because we are already looking at my shoes...I found new ones! Super cheap and comfy and light and... did I mention I'm happy?!  
Because this post lacks faces, here you go with mine ;)
Augsburg is showing itself from its best side ♥
And some last sketches
Now, I'm going to bake a cake, start organising my tons and tons of papers, folders and books that have layed abandoned during the last two weeks and keep listening to my favourite play list on spotify right now. And at the end of this week I'll be turning 21! That year,, it definitely didn't went fast, but it definitely had some surprises on hand. I'm already curious what the next one will bring. And I'll also be heading home, seeing my family and friends again. I simply love my holidays :)
I'm wishing you all a wonderful start into this week :)
(And sorry for any eventual typing mistakes. My autocorrect refuses to work and I'm too lazy to go through it all again (Sorry). You'll simply have to overread them ;) )

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  1. So schöne Impressionen :) Sehr fein!

    Und ich habe jetzt wirklich richtig Lust auf Sushi... habe ich zwar erst zweimal
    gegessen, aber das Bild.... yummi!

    Liiiiebe Grüße!