Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You never have too many phone cases!

It's funny how this one never made it up on the blog. But than again, it's only logical, because there were exams, and than there was life, and moods...and just about everything else that could have probably gotten into the way of me publishing this post and after's not like I already have posted about a billion different mobile phone cases DIY's, right?! It just never gets boring ;)

So the procedure is the same as always, grab a plain white (blue, black, green, whatever) mobile case, this time, also grab some tape, some nail polish and get creative!!

And simple as that, you'll get another beautiful fun mobile case....

The real bummer is that meanwhile my phone died (more or less) and I got a new now, I have tons of cute cases but I can't use them anymore!!! (I'm sorry, first world problems. I know. But it is kind of a right now we're sticking to plain transparent).

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