Monday, 23 November 2015

DIY: You can never. ever. have enough mobile cases

That's at least what I think. On the other hand, I have to admit I haven't seen anyone yet who changes them as frequently as I do. Anyway, this is my blog and it has been a year since the last one, so I'd say, we're in definite need for another one ;)

This time, the tutorial turned out to be one for two different cases. Because I finished the first one, used it a day and then figured, it wasn't me enough. So I made a few changes, et voilá!

What I love about this DIY is, that the amount of stuff you need is minimal! For the finished version I needed:
  • nail polish
  • an old earring
If you want to attempt the one with the circle option you'll have to add:
  • plain paper
  • washi tape 
  • transparent foil
What was different this time is, that I used mat nail polish. I had grey only in mat and was a bit unsure of the final product but it turned out better than all the designs I did before. If I had more mat colours I'd go mat from now on.

What to do (Blogspot just deleted my whole post I had to tip it again...just in case it's not as upbeat anymore ;P):

It's really quite easy. I normally start by collecting some ideas online. Cushion patterns, wall paper, sketches...everything works.
For the circles, I painted some simple lines in mat grey on the case. While that dried, I drew circles on some paper and added colour or washi tape. If you have a large whole puncher, even better!
Then I went online again in search of some cute quotes.

To apply the circle, I cut out a slightly larger circle of transparent foil. It comes of easily so you could also have like a one-week-one-quote kind of thing!

The second design is simply add a few more dots and lines to the grey main lines. For the pendant, I removed one feather and two strings from an old earring of mine and attached them with craft wire. Easy peasy.

If you lacking ideas, have a look over at the DIY page, it could be that I get too excited about mobile cases from time to time...;)

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