Monday, 16 November 2015

How to color much more with chalk than just the streets

I've been looking a lot into hair-dyeing options recently and so it happened that two weeks ago I ended up receiving the delivery of one package of hair chalk in all kind of colours imaginable.

If you haven't heard of hair chalk yet, it's pretty much what the name suggests: Chalk for your hair. The chalk is a non-oil based artist chalk which also can be used for normal drawings. I haven't really figured out if the hair chalk is different to the artists chalk, but from what I read, it's just the name that makes the difference.

See!? Normal pastel chalk ;)
I'm one pf those persons who processes life things through her hair. This way I already dyed my hair purple, red, dark brown, black and, most recently, blond. The fact that my hair is this undefinable brown-ish colour also helps a great deal ;)
Hair chalk pretty much does to your hair what any normal hair dye would. Except that it’s not permanent. Just as you would paint a picture, you’ll have to wet the parts of your hair you want to dye with water, rub chalk into them until you get the preferred colour and seal the finished product with either a flat iron or by blow-drying your hair. The colour will stay for one to two days, and simply comes off the next time you wash your hair.

...that's at least what I guessed. It turned out all right ;)

What I've learnt:
- It really is as easy as it sounds. You won't have to take extreme care of your hands or stains in general (though that's a guess, I didn't have stains) because the colour washes of easily!
- I didn't use a blow dryer or flat-iron and my colour came out really fast. Maybe it would be good to try those.
- Your hair will become super dry. As in really really dry! Also it's hard to comb. So it is fun to use the chalk once or twice but I definitely wouldn't do it too often. (Though as a plus: Your hair is only dry as long as the colour is in!)

And that's pretty much it!! (Btw: This is the package of chalk I bought, and with which I was pretty happy!)

At the end, I liked the blue so much, I went to the hair dresser and got it dyed that might be a side effect ;)
Have fun!!

..oh also: My article about hair chalk is also here! Go check their page out, it's pretty fun :)

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