Thursday, 12 November 2015

Stijl DesignMarkt Munich

I might have just binge watched four to five episodes of New Girl. I also might have dozed off during the last two so I can't be trusted too much on the amount of episodes. Anyway, since this is my first free evening in... years, I thought it would work well to catch up on recent events!

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I visited the "DesignMarkt" in Munich. This is their website. A friend of ours was displaying her work so we got word of it and since we had just arrived back from Sweden (more on that later) and had no other plans, we went. (Also, I'm a big sucker for anything cute and artsy.....sooo of course we went ;) ).

The market was inside a building about two floors and a few spots outside. Every stand was dedicated to different little things. They even had food-related stalls! The "down"-side was: it was awfully cramped. But I guess that's a good side if you look at it from the other side. (That made for quite a lot sides ;P).

This was inside, down where they had amazing things like beer jam and whisky cream. I didn't try any though...figure.
We started downstairs (which apparently was wrong) so went out again and then through the first floor and down the stairs afterwards. They had watches, clothes, jewelry, pottery, cushions, stationary....everything you could think of. My favourite was a little market stall by an art student (at least she looked like one) who had the cutest stationary ever. All designs were made by her and I think I left the majority of my money there...
The little backyard had food trucks and a few more stalls. We didn't really look too much at the stalls as there were so many inside but M did have a closer look at the food trucks!
Who wouldn't have?!
And that's pretty much what I went home with. Most of it are free cards but as I said...I also spent a small fortune at the stationary....part of it will turn into my 2016 calendar soon!
And I guess there is no better way to end a day then ending it with a burger ;)
Oh! Btw: That's the necklace I also bought and which was hard to see in the picture before. The blue letter pendant I got from M in Stockholm. But who couldn't say no to the lotus flower?!

We might have been a bit tired but it sure was fun. And I'm already planning on going again next year. No one can ever have enough cute design related things!!! I might go, binge watch some more New Girl....

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