Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A clustered colourful crazy post {and yes, I love alliterations}

While I really love blogging, it turns out to be quite hard for me here. It's just so much going on, that sorting everything and writing about it at the same time is not so easy.
When I write about something, it is in some way processed by me. I closed up with it and can now look back on it. Here, things keep jumping at me, every moment there is something new and moments which are just quiet and uneventful don't happen. But than again, blogging is something I love and I've been doing for so long now, I don't want to give it up.
So. Anyways, today is Tuesday (well yesterday) and Herero Day, which is a public holiday. It is amazing to have a long weekend for the first time since I arrived and get a little distance from school and work. So this is also what my post will be about. A bit randomness of the last weeks ;)

I've done a quiet bit a walking around Windhoek by now but I noticed I don't really have many pictures to show for it (well, it mainly happens before and after work so it doesn't seem so exciting) but I might just share the few I have with you anyway ;) So this is one of the many churches we came by when we were looking for their hours the other day
My EP buddy Susanna who showed us around at our first week
Her and my work colleague posing all nicely for me ;)
Windhoek at night.
The Zoo Garden (the one tree I really find impressive in here)
And I made people pose for me again :D
Then, the other day we went to this amazing coffee shop/restaurant. I wasn't really hungry (though the cakes looked so so so tempting I don't really know how I did it to not order any). But I had this crushed mint lemonade which was huge and really really good! Haha ok I think I made my point clear. You should go there!
Since we have an oven at home now (one which actually works) it was only a matter of time we would end up making pizza. So the other night I did. Love colourful veggies.
The actual pizza turned out so well that I proudly had to document the whole process. Pizza and dinner table. There are also some really embarrassing pictures of us eating the pizza but we will skip those for the sake of our reputation...
Since this is where I spent most of my time, a picture was really needed at this point. School.
At our house, we have a couple of problems with the keys. So recently, it just happened again that I found myself locked out after school. One of my neighbours let me into our compound and so I used the time to do some Yoga. 
It was one of my best practises so far! Not being able to rush anywhere, it was amazing to really just be there. The sky wasn't to depressing either...
Another random food shot of the other week. But I loved my plate.
What I also love is the design of our peanut butter!.....random, I know
Since I only got to see our part of the city plus downtown where I work, I asked Susanna last week if she could show me the part where she lives. It was amazing to get to see more of Windhoek (thank you again!!!)
Her sister wanted a selfie together with me. This, was my first attempt. Fail. I still really like the colours though.
A random street shot in between...
And the more successful selfie
Also, more selfies while walking around ;)
This picture now is probably as random as it gets but don't you think this leave looks a lot like human lungs (or maybe it is just me and having watched too many Grey's Anatomy episodes recently....)
Which makes this a really colourful and really random post but you might get an idea of whats going on around here. ;)

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