Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Home and a few other things

The last week has been a bit stressful, due to me feeling not a 100% and work being slightly frustrating but luckily it's the weekend now. Cross that out. Somehow I managed to end up as busy here in Namibia as I've been back home but I guess I'm just good at putting stuff on my plate ;) And after all, somehow I still really enjoy it. So, before I'll head into the safari we did this weekend, I first wanted to share a bit with you about the place I live in right now. So let's hope on a tour with me ;)

I think I did show pictures of our kitchen before, but since it seems to be the most important part of a home (hello?! Food!!!) I thought, a second glimpse won't do any harm.
Right now, I'm sharing a room with two other girls so this is my 'bedside table'. I love it :) 
Our room. For two nights it was crammed full with four mattresses. So three feels pretty empty already.
Our messy office table. Really! I haven't seen a messier table before, but it's still effective and great. Which also is a bit like how the rest of the house works. Messy and magical.
If we turn left at our house, this is what will appear pretty soon on your right side. The way to the super market.
And this is the view, if you peak over our fence....
Me, walking around our neighbourhood. Just proving I'm really here.
The first weekend, I randomly strolled through all our streets just to figure out where I was actually living (that's me. I do it everywhere). This was another view I came past.
Early sunset from our office window....
And we have a lemon tree!!! Where we simply can go out to and pick our own lemons!!
Also, in the house complex we live in, there are a couple of other people living. This is mono our neighbours daughter. Needless to say I like her ;)
I could also convince her to take a selfie with me
And a collection of pink and yellow to our feet :)
Also, we recently, the Polytechnic University of Windhoek had a cultural week. This was the three of us, watching different traditional dances.
Those woman were doing something with....cows?! But I'm not a hundred percent sure. What I knew is that at one point, the guy with the hat on the right, went around and spit water over the guys and the woman...
Selfie time ;)
I took pictures of every group  but sadly don't really know which one are which. So I'll just give you another shot as an impression.
In between they had little games. Also, can you tell, they like eating competitions....
Then, the other day, I came home to this! The green house is ours!
Just sliiiightly concerning, right?!
The whole area right next to the house...
Turns out, they do it regularly because it would be something natural happening at this time out in the bushes. Some of the fires actually just happen somehow. This one, however was planned. well, as planned as something gets around here ;)
And that's its. Messy. Magic. A bit chaotic. Quite lovely in its own way.

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