Saturday, 9 August 2014

Good morning!

So, because I didn't want to just be writing about past events , I'd thought I pop in to say hi right now ;)
We all just had our breakfast and are sitting around the living room table. I might actually finally get down to answer all my messages and emails. (In case you wrote me, I'm sorry it takes me so long!)
My original plan for this morning had been to simply do my laundry, but stepping into the kitchen....I quickly added some cleaning and tidying up to the schedule (haha and I later found it, it would have been my turn anyway). This is the sink after I was done with half of the dishes (it's not my turn on dishes, so I thought, to be fair, the actual dish-duty-person shouldn't be robbed of all his work ^^')
And the kitchen, after I was done with cleaning. The worst part were the maggots in the far left corner.
It's nice to be in the kitchen again when the sun actually is out. During the week it normally just starts to get light when I'm standing here.
And one things that never changes, no matter where I am: Muesli for breakfast ;)
And that's pretty much where I'm sitting right now...
Looking through our window into the sun and warmth (and yes, all the windows here have bars. It makes up for some save living).
So I hope you are all having a nice weekend too, I'll sit down now and answer all those emails then mop the floor and I still have the girls bathroom on my list. Here's to a clean weekend!


    Found something vegetarian ;) and look at those cutting skills!!!

  2. hahaha omg that'S so cool! And even cooler! I've already seen this in person (Ha! Feeling specila right now ;P) I have a whole post on kapana waiting to be published ;P

    Love you girly :) ♥