Friday, 8 August 2014

Hey there! from Africa

So, I finally finally made it to my blog. It's been one week now since I arrived here and one week and one week and a day since I left Germany. New experiences, impressions and challenges have been streaming in ever since and today is actually the first day I feel like starting to write it down (after some long and extended and emotional Yoga in our now four-girls bedroom). I'm going to split it up into a couple of posts so stay tuned for more during the next days ;)

So right now, the whole house is sitting in the office/living room/eating room and eating boiled potatoes with beans and eggs in front of our laptops while talking about some logo (which, I haven't really figured out yet). It's 8:30pm and pitch black outside. Winter in Namibia.

Anyways, let's talk travelling!
My travel started at 10:08pm at the Frankfurt International Airport, just in time to watch the sunset while I was waiting for my flight.
The next stop was Addis Abeba...
That was our captain, nicely pointing the Kilimanjaro out for us. Bucket list. Check.
After that I had a short stop at Harare....the planes were getting smaller and smaller with each flight....
And then, 18 hours later, I finally made it to Windhoek!
One of the Aiesecer's (who's also one of my housemates) picked me up at the airport and we travelled back into the city together through the desert-y/bush-y outbacks of Windhoek.
Sadly, even though I made it to Windhoek, my suitcase didn't. So, one of the first things I did was to go shopping with Jackie, a friend who lives in the same building as we all do. Nothing bonds more than to go shopping for underwear after just 30 minutes of knowing each other ;)
We spent the evening at some friends birthday party since I definitely wasn't busy with unpacking my suitcase, and who needs sleep anyway, right?! ;)
I still started the next morning early with a tea and some Yoga on my improvised 'Yoga mat'. After a calmer morning I went out to meet Sarah, the other intern in the house, in the city.
The street down from our house...
The street to the closest supermarket...
Oh, I also had some time to look at the Namibian money! (Look at all the colours!!)
So, that's Windhoek downtown now.
Zoo Park. Which is not really a zoo nor a park (so yes, the name is quite confusing). But it is one of the two gardens in Windhoek downtown (or probably in all of Windhoek...) so it's important!
One of the many museums in Windhoek, so, as far as I understood, it is one of the newest (called the coffee machine (unofficially))
Windhoek downtown up from the parliament
And my awesome tour guide (aka roommate and also-intern) and me! ;) ♥
Some fancy cooking happened that night in our kitchen (butternut squash and sweet potato risotto with fish)
And we ended the day with a movie.
That made up for a pretty busy first one and a half days and even though everything was new and sometimes strange, I really couldn't be luckier with my housemates :)

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