Monday, 11 August 2014

A day in the spectacular life of an intern in Africa

Not that I wouldn't have a load of pictures waiting for you all, but right now it's just more fun to write about the recent events ;) So bare with me and have fun seeing what I was up to today (because that is so exciting, I know).

My day starts around 6:30 when my alarm goes off so I have about an hour to get ready, make my lunch and than get a ride with one of my roommates. School itself is from 8am to 3pm but I'll be telling you more about it in another post (soon ;P).
Today after school I went shopping at Fruits&Begs which is pretty much on my way to the main place where I normally grab a taxi to head back home. This kiwi-beetle (please let it be a beetle...otherwise just pretend I called it a car) simply shouted out to be photographed!
And since I'm really throughout with my photography, you'll also get the veggie aisle (also, throughout should be a word that I practise with my students....just thinking).
I arrived home half an hour later only to find out that our whole house (which, after all, consists of 7 people right now) was out. So I sat in front of our gate, ate some cake (I got my first student-present! Self made cake! ♥) and started preparing my lessons in the shade of a Namibian afternoon.  
After doing the dishes (haha more cleaning, but it just came all together in the last two days, normally it's not so much) I went running and than introduced Yoga to our place! Ha! That is one proud me with all my fellow yogis ;) (Though I did let the video do the teaching...we don't want to take it to far right in the beginning, right?!)
Being fully concentrated here....
Edwin in beginning child's pose....
And now, once again, we're all back to the living room/office/dinner table being taken care of by Edwin who's doing some kitchen magic. And isn't our new stove awesome?! And oven?! I see  some baking in the future!
Our dinner to be ;)
And with that I'll leave you all to a hopefully good evening, and I'll be off to finish my lesson preparations for tomorrow.


  1. Ich kann's kaum erwarten mehr zu lesen und zu sehen und zu erfahren!!! :D

    Liiiiebe Grüße!

    1. Aw danke!! Ich freu mich so, dass so viele mitlesen :)