Sunday, 27 July 2014

Another cooking-get-together (without actually cooking)

Just recently, for our weekly cooking-get-together, we headed into the city instead of actual cooking at home. Sometimes a treat is appropriate right?!
And we finally got to try the falaffel shop I've been eyeing ever since the first day I moved to this city!

So. We started with venturing down the little alley that leads to this tiny shop. It really is a bit hidden but once you past it you can not pass it without noticing. It's oozing character and also, there always is some cool music playing (helps with the noticing and the character ;P).
Two excited venturer and the menu....which really does consist of just falaffel (you know the stuff is good if that happens!!...well that's what we though anyway).

We had a few people waiting in front of us so we had time to consider the menu choice and make life changing decisions. And we got to see the master at work!
Also, we took in our surroundings. There was actually a lot to take in, such as papers, certifying us that the falaffel we were going to get, really were worth trying, or funny letters from customers telling us about their expirience, pictures, art....the wait didn't feel long.
Still, one always has enough time to snap a feet picture ;)
And pretty soon we were two happy falaffel owners (if only for a short amount if time). What I loved was how fresh everything was made. Herbs, salad, different kind of sauces and freshly fried falaffels.
However, I made the mistake to go with hot, which turned out to be hot hot (and not the usual 'hot' you get at german restaurants) so next time we'll go there (which will happen!) I'll go without and hope to actually taste a bit more of my wrap ;) But all in all: Go there if you can!!!! (Die Kichererbse Augsburg).
After that, we strolled a bit through the city....
Couldn't say no to some frozen yogurt.....
And tried out the famous strawberry magaritas at our favourtie coffee shop, while watching the moon rise behind the old town hall. All in all a pretty amazing evening. The next week though, we cooked again ;)
Here's the proof ;)

And for a bit of random in this post: What I'm listening to right now

I wish you all a good start into the new week! :)
(The blog is definitely bursting of emojis right now....bear with me.)

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