Monday, 7 July 2014


I. Am. So. Done with this. Done. I can not see any further books and I feel like my brain is just transforming into a sieve where everything goes through straight.
Also, totally unrelated, but I noticed I use 'yay' way too are people supposed to take me serious?! (But I probably also just get way too excited about things....which makes it hard not to 'yay'...which is why people mainly don't take me too seriously...sight).
I'll just hang in there and try not to forget that my life is actually still pretty darn awesome....and the studying will soon be over! (....for this semester)
...sorry for the rant.


  1. Beeren? Tomaten? Eis? Sommersalate? :))

    1. hahaha ja da hat sich in meinen Studienstapel die deli eingeschlichen ;P
      Seeeehr empfehlenswert ├╝brigens :D