Friday, 18 July 2014

One week at home

It has been an amazing week. I ate wonderful food, had lots and lots of talks, walks with friends, bike rides, yoga nights in the garden, baking amazingness for my mum, sunshine, ice cream, laughter and all that there is to joy and happiness.
It was good to arrive, to let go of things, to breath, to smile, to find confidence and inspiration inside myself, to dream. I am truly thankful for this place and the people here.

I started right away with the probably most important game of the year!!! 
And it was so worth to be watched ;)
Because hey! We might be a small town be we do know how to to celebrate!!
So, after a short night, I headed all the way to Frankfurt to visit one of my best and oldest friends ♥
I like her kitchen (along with liking the friendship we have ;P)!...and the view ;)
DWe decided that it was not the day to be healthy and responsible...
...and made spinach noodles with Gorgonzola sauce. Deliiiiiiiiicious!!
Also, it was my first time being introduced to a juicer (talk of important milestones in history!!) And I might just have fallen in love with it....but, even though I know that you all really care about me being all obsessed  in in love with all kind of complicated and expensive kitchen tools, we'll skip that for now ;)
After a couple of pretty crappy weeks, considering the weather, everything improved as soon as I went home. Look at this beautiful sky we could see from her apartment!
The next day, I had a cake mission to accomplish!
Lots and lots of walking was done on old ways
I also found this! I was not really convinced enough to buy it at the time, but curious enough now, to regret not having bought it  -.- psh
Back all the way over the fields...
And than I spent a noon and afternoon, turning my mums kitchen into a mess...a huge mess....but I cleaned it all up at the end ;P
After my extensive consumption of cake crumbs and loads of frosting during the baking, a bike tour was needed!
Which didn't mean, that we couldn't connect it with more food ;)
And another beautiful sunset (though I have to throw in (since we want to stay realistic and be honest and everything) all those sunset came with lots and lots of mosquitoes. I'm feeling quite a lot like my Indian-self last year....)
More walking was done the next day....
This time to hand over my pile of gifts to the birthday girl ;)
And we had more food in the evening. Also (major also!!!!) I got to meet my brothers girlfriends! I hope I didn't embarrass them too much (my brothers)...
My cake was devoured...
And there were lots of long talks 
This was my pretty ice cream date the day after that. The last time I saw this girl is over a year ago. So much has changed and so much is still the same :)
And then, it was time to spent more time with three of the most important people in my life. I am so grateful to call them my friends ♥ 
On the last morning, I headed out onto my dads balcony
Mainly, to display my gorgeous breakfast....
But also, because I love this place....and all the things that grow on it. We might have made one or another mess at this place all the way back when mud games where to die for!
So much for my one week at home. I definitely enjoyed every minute of it :)

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