Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My sport "routine" {Discussing sportivitiy}

I think it's about time to tackle that post (and yes, if you don't want to get the whole boring story you can totally skip to the links ;)) So, people in the past generally seem to have put me into that "sporty" category. I am honoured! Seriously! But I just never felt I was actually that sporty.
So to finally solve the mystery and so that everyone can make up their own mind about it, I thought I might share my "sport routine".

I have to admit that there never really has been a time in my life where I was "inactive" (we could say I'm an active person! How is that?). I started ballet classes when I was four (and my first performance was a snowflake! How cute is that!? So everything I really had to do was "dance" around a snowman, which was played by one of the girls in our group, who actually just had to stand in the middle of the stage...) and I kept doing that until I left to Australia with the amazing age of 15 (or was it 16? Anyways). Ballet was that constant thing going on and I have to admit, I still kind of miss it. It grows on you and I'm more than thankful as for what it did to my posture!
Along the line of that I also did two or three years of karate (which I really just did because my little brother started doing it and there was no way they were going to beat me in a fight!) and one year of voltage (which I stopped because I got really frightened of falling down from that horse!!).

After that I started with my own little things, running, cycling...some really rare and poor "muscle" work...but oh well. And up to now, nothing really has changed about that.

Right now I'm officially taking Japanese martial arts classes though with the upcoming exams, that is more theoretically than practically happening and/but I started Yoga!!
It is one if the many many point on my bucket list and honestly, I think I mainly started it because I like to wear lots and lots of bracelets and I also like to wear wide and long skirts and everything "hippie" (if I'm in a surrounding that kind of doesn't push you to the outer skirts of society if you do so, that is...).
So I started quiet random (I took one class with a really good friend of mine in 2012 and visited one huge yoga session with the same friend in 2013, but that was about all the experience I had) with videos I had found on youtube. And  before this just gets really boring: I am hooked! I love it and right now I'm down to an at least tiny "practise" each day.

So there we are at the core of this post. My "sportive" activities consists of:

  • cycling to and from uni and everywhere else as long as the weather allows it
  • running (if the weather is ok. Yes, I know I'm being picky) 
  • Yoga every day.
For that I started with this video:

I kind of went along with that one for some time, simply to get used to the routine, the different positions and the flow.
After that I expanded with this one: (which I really love)

*(The video won't show up but you can click the link)*

And later on with this one:
(The video is not the one from the link, again I couldn't find it...but it's her)

There are tons of great tutorials and flows on youtube. Just have a look and see what works for you!
Also, since this seems to be something I really enjoy, a friend and I are going to take real classes in our next semester together (Uni makes it cheaper. And we're students! Cheap really is everything we can afford....).
  • It might be funny but this app is really great! I'm doing it as often as I feel like it in addition to my yoga practise
  • Also: lots and lots of dancing to loud music ;)
  • and some freer cycles of exercises. If you're interested there are a bunch on this pinterest board (just keep scrolling ;) )
...and that's already about it!
I think sportive would be the wrong term, but maybe we can agree on fit and active ;)
Please excuse this mess of a drawing (it happened late and I was more asleep than awake)....but this is me practising handstands....and I really really feel sorry for all the people living directly under my apartment...the soft and light landing, does not happen at all. Ups.
Oh and that's my favourite tune for my Yoga practise right now:

Have a great day!

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