Saturday, 11 January 2014

What happened {My post NYE and back at Uni}

I started the year with some more eventual-to-be-tattoo-doodles. They are definitely not some of my best, but after all, this is simply to have fun and calm down a bit. Though, I have been thinking of an endless knot for quite a while by now. I just haven't found a really likable way to integrate it yet...
There also seems to be more salad in 2014. I love my one-bowl-dinner-salads. And who would have known that natural soy yogurt and herb salt makes up for an amazing salad dressing?!
(Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cranberries, Feta, Soy yogurt and herb salt)
Last weekend I finally dyed my hair as dark as I had wanted it all along but never really had the guts to. Other things the new year brought. (Though I look like 16 in those pictures. I. am. not. Guess I'll be happy about that fact in about 15 years. Sight)
This place has become more and more of a home recently. I really do love it by now. (And a big yay for fairy lights!!)
I also managed to get a much needed hair cut. Not that short, no worries. Though, as usual, a couple of cm definitely had to say good bye. They'll be back in no time, since someone is way to lazy to go to the hair dresser more often than about once a year.
And what's taking up all the other time in between right now...and about the next two months as well: Uni. The final countdown on our exams has begun....
Studying, studying, studying, studying, least it really looks nice where I study.
Have a beautiful weekend. I'll get down to some organising and studying now.

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