Wednesday, 22 January 2014

There is no such thing as too many bracelets

Wouldn't you agree?!
I simply love bracelets! Huge ones, big ones, sparkly, plain, colourful, just thread, neon....there is no end to them. And because They are so easy to make, I thought I might give you a wrist-ful of DIY ideas ;)

Starting from the bottom left to the top right:

  • I made that one, one or two years ago and it's still one of my favourites. You can do it with loop pearls, normal ones, big tiny...the possibilities are endless. I had another one, black leather threads and silver pearls but it sadly broke. I really need to fix it!!
  •  The next one is a good old friendship bracelets. I think it was the first one I ever made. They are quite time consuming but so worth the effort (and SO many possibilities!!!!!) ;)
  •  That one is a present from my mum. She bought it from me so I could copy the technique. Remember those funny scoobidoos? It's exactly that except a stone woven in between and way smaller threads!
  • The next one if bought, though a similar look would be this one (I really need to buy leather bands!)
  •  The big beads ones are all self made (except one, which comes from here. Gorgeous stuff!). But those are so easy, they don't really need an instruction. The only thing which I started to change is, to look out more for what kind of material I'm using (which is actually really exciting to think about!). So those were: lotus seeds, volcanic stones, jade and wooden pearls from Tibet. 
  • And the black one with the angle wing on it is this technique used with a Thomas Sabo carrier (because I never really were it on my necklace) and the charm is a gift from my mum.

Another tip, I also started using my Pandora charms to add something to otherwise really simple bracelets. I love that hint of silver in my end products and it really makes them something special!! 
That necklace came as just the upper design (so wooden pearls and turquoise). I bought additional jade beads and added some of my Pandora charms. I also made a matching bracelets with the beads I had left over at the end. It is one of my favourite and most used necklaces and bracelets! (Which explains why it also shows up in my header ;) )

Have fun getting creative ;)


  1. Oh, da sind wirklich hübsche Sachen dabei! Die letzte Sorte mache ich auch sehr oft,
    ich trage Armbänder auch unfassbar gerne, allerdings seit meiner Berufstätigkeit nicht mehr
    so häufig, da ich sie auf der Arbeit nicht tragen kann/will. Seitdem musste ich auch komplett
    auf wieder entfernbare Armbänder umsteigen ;)

    1. Das versteh ich :( mit den Kids bei mir im Kindergarten hab ich auch selten was getragen....da wurde einfach zu gerne an allem möglichen möglichst lang und möglichst fest gezogen ^^'

  2. Ummm I want that necklace so bad!! It's gorgeous!! :D

    1. thihi....well stuff like that is always good to know ;P ♥