Sunday, 12 May 2013

12 von 12 {Mai 2013}

Ein bisschen gestückelt dieses Jahr, aber diesen Monat bin ich wieder mit dabei ;)
Alle anderen tollen Sammlungen am 12ten findet ihr wie immer bei der lieben Caro.

Today is in black&white and color and this is truly fitting for the day. My cat woke me up 4am clearly expressing that something was not right. It was 4am so I tried to sooth her, took her into my bad and went back to sleep after she calmed down.
I woke up three hours later with a weird feeling but she seemed ok, still sleeping on my bed so I sneaked down into our kitchen.

Mother's day is requesting for some special treats after all!
 So while I was all busy in our kitchen, mixing, beating, cat came down the staircase making the most awful noises. Something was clearly not ok. She wouldn't walk right, wouldn't sit down, wouldn't stop trying to express that something was not ok. It broke my heart to see her like that (all while still having my moms things in my head) so after some desperate thinking I called the vet and made an emergency appointment: 12:30am.

So that's where I was (after our still pretty good breakfast) at 12:30am, Sunday, mothers day.
We had to wait a bit. One lucky kindle owner I am!
Empty seats on Sundays...

So it was not a broken leg (which I thought first) but she has a pretty deep cut(?) on her right side. I won't get into details because they are nasty (I had to sit down at one point. I just can't see blood, or wounds, or syringes...or anything that's connected with this stuff. (There was a x-ray, several shots, fluids, tweezers, medical staples...and more. Poor kitty :( Back home we had to relocate her into my mums studio.

Since we were busy making the room sick-cat proof her boyfriend brought us some coffee and cake. Nice guy!
She is NOT amused about anything. The body, the thing around her neck, her side, the dizziness. Aw :(
The only way to calm her down, was to let her sit on my lap.
Though I had to lay down eventually. My view for two hours of this Sunday.
My brothers came by for dinner and I sneaked out to get some food too. Tiny kitchen with waaaay too many people!!
And tiny table!
My mum was a huge help during the day (and I feel awful, since this day was supposed to be her day. Instead she cleaned her studio, helped to hold a "screaming" cat at the Vet's and held one or two prep talks to get me through the whole thing). Thank you so so so much!! You really are the best mum ever! (Cat wise: We'll have another visit tomorrow (along with antibiotics and medicine and fluids for the next ten days. If it doesn't get better, she'll need an operation. So fingers crossed, knock on the wood and whatever else you have in mind that we won't need the operation!!)  



  1. Ooohh, poor kitty! Poor you! I hope she gets better soon ♥

    1. aw thank you!! Me too! It's so hard to see her suffer :(

  2. Wonder what book you where reading on the Kindle?
    xx Uli

    1. haha it is rather embarassing to admit, especially because I'm one of those persons, who are reading books about 9 times before they get I think we have to keep this one a secret ;P
      xx Jo