Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Updates and usual random photo dumps

Each Friday I feel like the week just flew by within a blink (though I'd definitely answer the question different each Monday). Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting my camera back this weekend. As much as I love my phone, I'm getting a bit sick of the ongoing blurriness and the  not so vibrant colors.
Otherwise this week has been tough. My cat kept being rather unsupportive considering her whole being-sick-situation. It got so bad that she finally had to undergo surgery yesterday. And I honestly feel like I've spent every day at the vet (though I know for a fact that this did not really does feels like it though). Add to that a cold that's determined to stay with me (including all the benefits such as runny noses, coughs, headaches, dizzy heads...ugh) and extended work hours and you've got me. (Oh and I also acted rather disorganised a couple of times...which obviously did not help the whole situation as well)....oh and we have like 7°C!!! Mai/June...just sayin'. Ok I'll stop whining now.

Instead I'll just concentrate on all the wonderful and nice things that happened.

So. This week I'm overly thankfull for all the peanut butter and jelly that kept me company. We're sort of getting to the serious relationship part.

I am thankful for coffee dates with old friends and hours of talking (haha and I'm thankful for our friendly coffee guy, who was, well too friendly to kick us out...and we were unfriendly enough to ignore his silent shouts. Sorry coffee guy!)

And I am more than thankful for my friends, who cheer me up, support me, let me cry, laugh with me and never fail to make me feel special and beloved.
So thumbs up for an any-time-soon arriving camera and three, actually free(!), days of weekend-relaxing-things (including a serious 'Despicable Me' DVD date with my bed, my cat and some chocolate).
Oh and on a side note, this post just proved that I'm owning tons of money to a certain fun-fund...or do we still excuse all my side stepping with being sick?! ;P

Listening to 'Big Jet Plane' by Angus & Julia Stone


  1. owe to the fun fund. We can rent a houseboat all by ourselves now, just you and me :D