Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A memory quilt with character

I don't feel much like philisophical writing today. Life is as quiet as it can get right now (which is not really quiet but quieter than the last couple of weeks) and I enjoy every minute of it, knowing it won't last long (haha is it just me or does this sound just like a really bad weather forecast?!).
My cat is feeling better. We had about three vet visits during the last...guess it! three days. And another coming up this friday but it's just control. She's super clingy up to a point where it gets annoying but that's probably just understandable at this point. Having an injured/sick kit is such a great prep for kids (sight).
And overall, it's just the normal things-are-going-on-not-too-awesome-not-too-bad-state in life.

So to brighten up everyone's mood (and stop posting about food for at least once...though don't worry: There are heaps of recipes waiting in line) I finally decided to share this project. It was one I had planned for years (literally) and never had gotten around to do it. And than I had never really gotten around to post about it. Sometimes life's just like that.

Anyway, here you go with a not-so-perfect-but-it-has-character memory quilt

This thing happened, because I used to be (ha! I changed dramatically) one of those persons who would keep everything. There would be an occasion at one point where I would get around to use this old and shabby, but beloved flower vase, right? And this T-shirt might be a bit tight but maybe I'd loose some pounds soon! And this old box! get it I guess. So everything in my room was just bursting at the seams including my wardrobe. So I (and my room) were in for a change!
I pulled everything out I didn't feel like wearing anymore (and hadn't been wearing for years in fact) and was left with a huge pile of clothings I just couldn't really get the courage to just throw away. So, as I mentioned above, I had this idea/inspiration/whatever lurking in my head and this is when it actually happened (btw...all those tiny flower vases, boxes etc.ended in a gray...waste basket. Ups):

You'll need:
  • Lots and lots of old jumpers, dresses, T-shirts, tops, hoodies etc.
  • fabric cutter or scissors
  • cutting mat
  • a plain (one color) blanket

  1. Cut out a square piece of all your T-shirts/jumpers/hoodies (I know this is scary first but you get used to it. Even so far that it starts being a fun!). I made myself a cardboard template so that they would be all about the same size. I also used the front and back of every thing I cut into.
  2. Assemble on the floor in a pattern you feel fine with. Make sure that your quilt is as big as your plain blanket in size. Mine fit by accident. Though, as any normal person would, you can go ahead, measure and plan this properly.
  3. Sew lines of squares lengthways first, than put the lines together to a proper quilt.
  4. Right sides together, sew your "quilt-side" to the "blanket-side". Leave a hole to turn right sides out. Close the hole.
  5. Finish by sewing once all around the border. This is not necessary, however it helps the whole thing to stay in form and makes it also more durable.
  6. Wash and enjoy!! 
As you may have noticed, my quilt squares don't fit 100% perfectly. I am also not, in any way, a professional quilter. I made this up while I did it. This is perfect for everyone who's fine with this tiny personal/messy touch.
I'm also already planning a second one. This time though, I might be adding jeans and bikins I well as all the other fun things you might could add. I'm just going to have to create a way I can sew them on to eachother...we'll figure it out!

I'm using it btw!! And it is really nice to keep all those memories ;)


  1. Das ist sooo eine tolle Idee und kommt jetzt auf die Liste der Sachen, die ich alle mal machen will aber wahrscheinlich erst in zig Jahren zu komme XD

    Liebe Grüße! <3

  2. :)) Ja, das ist meine Kitty, sie ist nun 11 Monate alt ( und sitzt gerade miauend hinter mir, weil sie Hunger hat).