Sunday, 5 May 2013

Update {Hey new week, I hope we'll get along well}

The last week has been crazy! As in literally crazy (Which makes me think: is there something as literally crazy?)
It started all with the official question of my internship to stay at their place and work for them and my interview on Friday (not the 3rd but the Friday before that) which opened the door for me to become a soon-to-be-English teacher. It went on with some more private and personal things on the weekend and some more writing and official application things for more interviews, followed by a lot of work during the week and the insane amazing news that I would be able to book a flight to Canada this August (Followed by a pretty crazy evening with my mum).
I booked my flight Thursday night (I booked it. It's official!!) and had my second interview on Friday (again) before work. And I got accepted again!!! Which leaves me pretty exhausted and bummed and a bit overwhelmed on this Sunday. Phew. (And weekends tend to get pretty short if you work Saturday).
So I'm off again to more organizational stuff, work and a few specifications this week.

Why does life always offers everything at once?! It's never just semi bad or semi's either horrible or least that's what it felt like recently...

Originally this was also supposed to be recipe post but I just discovered that I left my SD Card inside my camera....which I lend to a friend for the week. So no recipe post this week.

I'll leave that as a start for the new week. Hopefully it's a bit less full than the last one. Oh and I nearly forgot: I'm developing this really weird pattern of an absolutely lazy Sunday. I wake up, eat, read, eat, sleep, eat, read a bit Uhm I guess you got the eating thing. But as my days are so full during the week, I don't really have time to eat decently (or I'm just too stressed out...I can't eat when I'm stressed) so every Sunday I get so hungry, it's probably not nice to watch anymore. (Making up for the next week, calorie-wise. Haha)

Have a wonderful Monday.
We had super yummy tomato, basil and mozzarella somewhere last week
I went on a walk with my little brothers. Well, in age. In height their both way taller than I am. Bummer. Oh and the three of us were wearing our Nike's as you can see (Somehow this fact was amusing to us).
I painted my nails bright pool (that's my name for this pool blue) after an especially hard day at work. With rain, and coldness, and grumpy customers...
And my Sunday looked a lot like this! ♥ 

So lets take a deep breath and here's a new week.

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