Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Amateur Gourmet by Adam Roberts

I wanted to share this with you because I can't stop gushing over it.
This is good!
This is awesome!!
So you have to take a look over here. (Just click the "here" it's that easy!)

Ok. I think we all got the fact that I'm kinda excited about this. This, by the way, is a blog by Adam Roberts called 'The Amateur Gourmet'. Adam started blogging in 2004 and since then, he moved to New York (sight, I wish I could do that), sold a book, was hired for a show by the 'Food Network' and after that: More shows, more moving, more books, more writing. (Oh yeah I did my reading. But you can get the full story here).

To make it a bit shorter (and to give a bot of a background story): My aunt and her husband (They sometimes read my blog so if you two read this: Hey there!) introduced me to this blog when they made Braised Duck Legs for Idiots at my grandpa's (I can't remember the 'leg' part, but I couldn't find another recipe either. So it must have been this one). And it turned out...uhm...we didn't buy a duck but a goose. Did I just say that?
I think, I was supposed to keep this a secret. Ah, I trust you all to just forget it right now! Forgot it? Perfect! ;) (Not that anyone would have to think we couldn't even master the recipe for...aehm...the i word. Nah we are smart people. Trust me!).

So after that, I kept skimming through his posts and..was hooked. They way everything is kept simple (but oh so delicious). The humor. The writing. This makes cooking look like fun. It shows the messes, the laughing, the thoughts (and they don't have to be deep!) behind some recipes and it simply shares this warm feeling of 'togetherness' that I always find, when I'm cooking.
So I'm highly recommending you to spent some quality time over there, and maybe maybe get your friends over for some cooking, messes, fun and cozy 'togetherness' :)

And I'm happy to share some of his pictures (I do have a permission, yes!) and make it even easier for you, to just take a look and head over ;)

Just recently, Adam listed some kind reasons to make granola on the weekend. I think this picture is already reason enough...though I do have to admit, so far the was no Granola over here. But it's going to happen eventually...soon!!

You get the kitchen messes now, don't you? I like it. And this just sounded to good to nor try it!
This was the Vegas-recovery-salad. Chances are pretty low I'll have to recover from a weekend in Vegas any time soon, but we'll just cross out the Vegas and leave a space for any other optional city. Dubai? Vancouver? Paris?...Langen?!
This is kind of embarrassing, but that cookie made it on my bucket list. Haha, and it's not like I do mind the part, of having to travel to New York to full fill this point, at all. (sneaky me)

This restaurant (or was it a bar? I can't remember) totally got me. Well his post did anyway. The only way to enter it, is through a telephone booth! And than you have to make a call!! (Sorry for the geeking, but isn't this just totally like the entrance to the ministry of magic in harry potter!? Aka: Absolutely awesome!!)

And here just a couple of springtime-in-new-york-pictures...

So I hope I could make my excitement over this blog understandable. What do you think? (Oh and I totally have to start cooking, now!!) Talk to you soon.

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