Friday, 10 May 2013

Baking firsts and some random peanut butter affairs

I was thinking about a little break from blogging (would anyone really mind?) though I quickly figured I'd miss it too much (all the nonsense babbling about my baking-randomness and all those tiny tidbits) so I guess you can all stop holding your breath and be happy again. (Heavy sarcasm).

Anyway, just recently I was talking...uhm writing with a really good friend and as so often while talking with friends (female ones), our topic went to our body, the food we eat and what we actually hope to accomplish until the coming . (Seriously? I hate summer because of all those things: bathing suits and bikinis and people oberving each other more closely than usual. I just never seem to feel comfortable. Never. And since I know this doesn't really relate to my weight (I did mention I never felt comfortable, didn't I?) I might just suck it up...not going to happen...I know).

So, what we wanted to accomplish, as just in any other summer, loose weight and get a nice toned body. (Uhm...probably never going to happen) But, and here's the thing: We figured out, it's this whole baking thing that just totally gets into the way every single time.
I mean, how are you supposed to get a nice body while constantly snacking on cheesecake, chocolate things or peanut-buttery-goodness?!
So I might just have to invent a new bathing suits concept?! How about that?
And jep, because that's not going to happen either...I'll just stay with my baking messes and hope summer will bring a lot of really open minded and nice people who don't care on how I'll look in my bathing suit!

And for today, that also means I'm going to "share" my first recipe ever, where I did not tweak a single thing! (Bummer!) Here we go:

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies by neverhomemaker (I do make way too much stuff from her blog...)

Oh and only phone pictures this week...I gave my camera away to a really sweet friend.
The best thing: They are healthy! So no guilt while snacking on peanut butter cookies. Yum!
I think I kept my messes to a minimum this time. Ha!
Making those cookies involved a lot of "taste testing"....

And than they were done. Covered with heapings of chocolate and oh so oatmeal-ish, peanut buttery delicious!! 

Now we have a box on out table full with them...though the box is only half full already, but oh well. This stuff is just way too good ;)

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