Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY: Remodel your phone case {Because there are simply NO phone cases for my phone whatsoever}

Some talking first. For the direct tutorial look out for the little star (*)
Here we go with more thoughts from my overfilled brain. Uhm...
Sometimes I'm stuck in front of my PC wondering what this whole blogging thing means to me. Sometimes, I feel like I should quit. Seriously, what's the point? I'm sort of talking to myself (don't even start trying to convince me otherwise. People mainly scroll through pictures. That's a common fact) and revising all my recipes and DIY's to myself...again. It's not that I already did them before. Duh! It's also quite weird if you tell people about it. They are rather really interested...which makes it weird again because they get to know you so much better (I mean I'm typing down what I'm thinking, right! And it's also stuff I wouldn't normally talk about. Figure) or, they rather put you into that weird-creative-people-and-she's-blogging-about-it drawer. Can you relate? (Uh I know I should stop. Why am I even blogging?)

On the other hand. Talking to yourself can be really helpful (I didn't just say that). Occasionally. I also get to refresh my English and improve my spelling mistakes (thank you auto correct!!).
But than, to be a 100% honest (and with that comes the possibility of sounding slightly creepy) sometimes it's just this pull to write. This pull to get all the words, wanting to burst free, down somewhere. And hey, I guess it's a good thing I did when my mum suddenly calls for recipes while she's at my grandpa (whom I have to call as I just and I simply have to send her the link providing pictures, information and a reminder of a fun story she was probably involved...or wasn't, but she'll remember anyway.

*(here we go)
Having said that, here is a fun 'tutorial' I did the other day. It happened out of the need to do something with nail polish...while my nails were already painted. Jeez. I'm such a girl.

You'll need:
  • A simple phone case
  • nail polish (one or various colours)
  • masking tape
  • scissors
Just for the sake of colors. Be patient with me ;)
  1. Apply the masking tape to your phone case. I did a triangle pattern. But writing about it, I just thought pretty much any pattern would look cool!
  2. Cover the 'free' spaces with nail polish.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Remove the masking tape.
Thinking of it now also makes me think that layers would be cool. Like some abstract layer pattern in various colours (and glitter?!). So possibilities are endless!!! Go get some nail polish and have fun!!!!!
Let's see how long this is going to stay before I change something again...
Note: My nail polish started drying with this crackling kind of pattern. I guess that's because I applied my polish rather thick. I really liked it. If you don't: Go for thin and rather more layers. Also: I was unsure of it's longevity so I made the huge mistake to apply a 'sealer' (some spray) I normally use for sealing the paint of the furniture I repaint. I know. Just typing it down, I realise this was a stupid idea. It really was a stupid idea. It never really dried and was all sticky. Good thing: I got it off with a lot of soap and scrubbing and that way also found out: This whole nail polish makeover is so going to be doing whatever you put on it without showing a scratch in the paint. Yay for that. So: NO kind of sealing afterwards (though glossy translucent nail polish should probably be ok).

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  1. Hej

    Du bist mit deinen Gedanken auf jeden Fall nicht alleine. Ich denke auch oft darüber nach, ob das bloggen soviel Sinn hat. Besonders in Zeiten wie jetzt, in denen ich gar keine Zeit habe für Projekte, DIYs oder ähnliches.
    Ich schaue ein paar Mal in der Woche hier vorbei, du funkst also nicht ins Leere. Da sind immer ein paar Andere auf der anderen Seite, selbst wenn man sie nicht sehen kann. :)

    Liebe Grüße