Saturday, 8 June 2013

PhotoPhonedump {First week in June 2013}

Uh it's been quite quiet over the week. But the weather was just too good and I was just too happy doing  other things and for once, not documenting them. But we sure have some pictures left for my weekly phone dumping.
And the biggest news first: My cat is healed to a happy 100%!! Yay!
This one is a bit older but it's too funny not to be shared. I hope you don't mind girls. Not pictured: Me taking a picture of them phone ;P (It's not that bad all of the time. Don't worry.)
I went a bit shopping. Love my new lace jumper!
And my new shoes...lace jumper the 2nd.
Walking has been quite fun recently, with amazing settings like this one.
And dinners have been pretty decent as well. You have to try putting watermelon on your salad!! It's worth it. (This one got: salad, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, cheese and watermelon).
I treated myself to some frozen yogurt...though I'm probably still more in love with a good old McFlurry...yeah.
We finally also got around to some nice weather (though I'm feeling with everyone who still has to fight with the floods!!). It's a bit unfair to enjoy something when you know, some others are still fighting the horrible weather. Anyway, that's for my phone dump this week. Greetings to everyone.

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