Thursday, 20 June 2013

Here we go, a post I'm scared about

Earlier this year I made a list (no surprise here aehm) of things I wanted/want to do in 2013. We're already half way through the year (crazy! It feels like yesterday that it was new Year's eve!!) but I wanted to talk a bit about point No. 10. 'Be active/sporitve' and I might should have added: healthier! Uh booooring I know. Bare with me. It's going to be nothing but honest.

When it comes down to those things I'm average. I'm in no way super sportive but I'm also not 'unsportive'. I'm also not super healthy or unhealthy.
But...(ah! Here we go).
I've always been one of those extreme skinny persons (skinny as in unhealthy skinny) and 'sport' never really happened to make it into my schedule. I had two younger brothers and, once a week, ballet lessons for 13 years, that was sport enough!
Over the last couple of years, I became more aware of what might be good for my body and where I might needed to make a few adjustments...but I rather noticed than that I was actually going to change something about it.Well, the last year brought along quite a lot of new things, and with those new things also came 10 kg plus! That was huge. I did not really care (Uhm ok, I cared...I simply didn't seem able to stop it) while gaining those pounds but I was suddenly facing a totally different me in the mirror, as well as while looking at my wardrobe as well as how I felt. And I guess, it was the last point that actually made me stick to my list point No. 10.

I didn't loose all of those 10 kg I gained. I'm happy with most of them. However, I didn't like that there was no shape to those kilos.
So here is actually what worked for me:

  1. Loosing all/a few of those kilos in a really short time (with things like no carbs) did not work for me at all. I'd just gain the again after I started eating normally. What I was looking for was more like a transition/change I'd feel comfortable with on a regularly basis. That means: Treats are absolutely allowed (I LOVE chocolate...and peanut butter...and ice cream...uhm yeah. No way I would give up on that!!)
  2. Exercising! This does not mean hours spent in the gym! I'm not a gym person. I've never been to a gym that is (Except for boot camp classes but those were an exception...a good one!). Keep in mind I wanted to have something for my every-days-life. So it couldn't be too time consuming, definitely not expensive and just pretty easy. For one thing I made sure to get one major exercise each day. That would normally be one walk through the fields (either 4 or 5 km....sometimes I would make double rounds or expand), riding my bike either just everywhere I went or for one extra round in the evening (8-10 km), doing some muscle 'workouts'/exercises. I'd use some of the bootcamp things or do simple and common things (knee bends, push ups, squats etc. especially focusing on my upper arms, thighs and belly) and last but not least a simple but positive opinion about exercising, moving and sport in general. Sometimes I would go running. However, this doesn't happen too often. I run if I feel like it, I never push myself.
  3. Busy days. That doesn't sound logical but it helps. a) from keeping your mind of little snacks you would get out of boredom b) because you keep on moving (and lifting little kids, moving chairs, standing for 5 hours straight...that does get exhausting after some time!).
  4. Make sure you eat healthy and balanced! I'm not believing in any kind of diet/rule for eating. I simply make sure to eat to appropriate times, regularly and include as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Otherwise the normal things as in whole wheat, grains, nuts, enough protein, early dinners, not too many sweets etc. I'm still having 'bad' days where I'm going to eat the whole chocolate bar at one sitting...or the ice cream container that is. Or have a peanutbutterjellybanana toast instead of a salad and some...uhm..bread. It's just about keeping a 'healthy' balance!
With that being said I was just wondering why I ever wrote that post. Oh right. I had this thing last week.

I tried some water, where you'd soak half a cucumber, mint and lemon in water overnight and drink it the next day. This is/was supposed to make your skin look nicer, clean your system and help you to loose weight. I did this for...two days. And than I stopped because I was annoyed of the process. (Yeah I'm lazy). However the water did taste good! (I used less cucumber because that was just weird and also added ginger!!) and it did made me feel kind of 'cleaner' but, yeah...I'm lazy. What do you think? Does this stuff work for you?

I definitely want to try a cleanse some time soon (your body does feel toxic sometimes) but I haven't decided yet what kind and it's probably going to have to wait a bit longer.

And with that I'm going to leave you with an salad overload...I'm definitely addicted lately...

Green salad, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, cheese and water melon
I didn't make that one...but it was worth a picture!
Green salad (three different kinds), cucumber, tomatoes, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cottage cheese
Tomatoes, cottage cheese, basil, salt and pepper, sweet balsamic
That was one of the above...I probably just took this one to show: I'm a messy salad eater ;)

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